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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. I just finished it and I had to google to see if I watched the film you were talking about... That's how bad it was...
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  2. Two episodes into Worst Roommate Ever and it’s so good! Exactly the type of true crime docuseries I hoped it would be.
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  3. Half an hour into the first episode of Pieces Of Her and I want to give the daughter a shake! She’s annoying me.
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  4. She really annoyed me in the book so I guess that is accurate haha!
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  5. I went into The Weekend Away expecting nothing and..I was kinda entertained! Its 90 minutes of twisty nonsense set in gorgeous European locales and I lapped it up, Netflix's forte for better or (probably) worse. That being said, I hope someone, anyone, gives Leighton better material to work with, it's about time.
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  6. I managed 3 episodes of All Of Us Are Dead. The episodes are way too long, the decisions the characters make are infuriating and the acting is absolutely awful.

    Somebody lied to her and told her she was gona be Squid Game 0.2 but she's nothing of the sort.

  7. Another good show cut off too soon.
  8. Anyone check out Pieces of Her yet? It's #1 in the Netflix Top 10 thing and it's got Toni Collette so i'm immediately intrigued.

  9. I got to episode four and having a hard time with some of the story lines. It’s a tad implausible. I feel that Toni is under utilised.
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  10. I'm devestated NHIE is finishing after Season 4! Thank God we at least know ahead of time and it isn't a Love Victor situation and they can properly finish the story. BUT STILL!!
  11. They have to finish high school eventually. Four seasons is an excellent run and best way to finish off on a high.
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  12. Four seasons is way more than what Glow got... it's fine.
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  13. Also isn’t the high school heart throb in his 30s? Definitely time to wrap up the show and Mindy can focus on other projects.
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  14. Yeah exactly, the third season hasn’t even come out yet anyway, so there’s a ways to go.
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  15. Why does Netflix kill almost every show at 4 seasons? At this point if they know they only want shows for 4 seasons, they should let the creators know way ahead of time.
  16. Because after 2-3 seasons, shows don’t bring in new subscribers. On top of that, contracts can be renegotiated which becomes more of a loss for Netflix if it’s not bringing in any new subscribers.

    At least they aren’t cheap like they are with their animation side of the company. They produce a big batch of episodes and then divide them into “seasons” as a way of saving some money. Usually with each season, there should be a small raises for the artists who make the show. They are also producing the shows under a Side Letter N (basically producing productions for “new media”), which allows for the studio to pay the artists less. Since this is totally still a new form of media.
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  17. This is a bit like artists signing ten album deals, yes it may happen but it will probably always be 2-3 albums and a best of.
  18. Working' Moms new season is a SCREAMMM.
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  20. I'm not really surprised by this but at least we have two more seasons to look forward to.

    Four seasons does seem to be the norm for most popular Netflix shows. I'm fully expecting Sex Education to end with season four. Emily In Paris too probably (I think they're filming 3 and 4 back to back).
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