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As someone born in the UK in the 70s, I can assure you Saville was everywhere in the 80s. By the mid 90s, he was a has-been, showing up to charity events to try and keep himself in the public eye. Also, his golden oldies show was syndicated across a lot of radio stations up until 97.

Ah, Jimmy. It turned out if you wanted his confession, all you needed to do was read his 1970s autobiography.

Let’s all watch Battle Kitty tomorrow~

It looks pretty charming and fun, plus it’s interactive. And the soundtrack sounds like it’s gonna be amazing.

Especially in this clip here

(idk why I can’t embed this in the post but watch it!)

I'm going to check it out as a bunch of friends worked on it... Though I wish they went with a 2D look... the creators work is so much better looking in that form.
I'm going to check it out as a bunch of friends worked on it... Though I wish they went with a 2D look... the creators work is so much better looking in that form.

yeah I always liked his little shorts and the 2D look is great. The 3D finish looks better in motion than stills and fits the Nintendo platform aesthetic they’re going for, so I can appreciate it.

But I hope the 2D art gets to make an appearance in the show.
Catherine Tate’s Hard Cell gets 0% on Rotten Tomatoes but 87% on audience score.

Seems like perhaps the critics only reviewed the first episodes but 0%? I actually ended up really liking this and it had a cool twist at the end worthy of a Wentworth episode.
I heard about Netflix losing members at the same time I heard about CNN+ being shut down less than a month after it launched! Not a great time for streaming eh!

I do think a mix of poor quality shows and maybe this new phase of the pandemic has led to membership dropping for Netflix. So many of the shows they rolled out in the last few years have been god awful or really great but Netflix chose to cancel them / never support them - yes, I’m talking about GLOW!

Also, more people are out and about again and they probably signed up to Netflix when everyone was locked inside. Now with less time at home, people are probably thinking “do I really need this subscription??”

It’ll be interesting to see if Netflix takes heed of the loss and decides to focus more on making good quality tv shows. Or they’ll continue doing what they do because they know they’re still the popular kid among the crowd.
The Abercrombie documentary made me feel very old when it described shopping malls as though they were just uncovered by archaeologists or something. “Imagine a search engine that you could walk through.” Also, while maybe not as popular as they once were, malls… still exist?

EDIT: I feel comfortable saying this because their company’s reputation was one of exclusion based on appearance, and I was never going to be in the running for a model position myself, but … was there some sort of Peter Pan complex happening with the CEO? I’d imagine it takes a lot of nerve (and/or delusion) to tell someone that they’re not attractive enough to work in your store when you yourself look like Ronan Farrow asked for the Wildenstein at the surgeon’s office…..
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Not sure it was discussed but the ads are coming:

This is what happens when there's no quality and quantity control.

In hindsight, the Apple TV shows rollout makes more sense. Even then I'm struggling to keep up. All these streaming giants and ad choices will just make people go back to get the shows via alternative methods.
Netflix is a mess. They completely screwed over their Animation side (though the lack of limits was their downfall). They had some really great ideas but didn’t know how to execute it without spending an insane amount of money and giving creators carte-blanche. Seeing the rise and fall of it in real time as someone in the industry, was depressing.
I feel like Netflix dropping subscribers is also only a natural progression of the streaming wars? Like its original appeal was that it had everything and it was *the* streaming platform, but now there's 23092390 different options competing together so of course it's harder for one platform to gather all the attention