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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Joe Locke reminds me a bit of Ben Silverstone from Get Real (1998 film).
  2. Yeah I definitely agree with this. I wonder what the end game for streaming will be? There are so many options now, and I have no intention of spending €10/15+ every month for every streaming service. I currently only pay for Netflix and Disney+, and the latter I will be stopping once This Is Us is over soon. (Although I also pay stupid money for Sky every month so there's that).

    Netflix is probably the only streaming service that doesn't have a fallback income stream (e.g. the way Apple and Amazon do, and can afford to make a loss on their streaming), so it'll be interesting to see how it plays out.
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  3. Everything will probably consolidate again like it was before when there were only 3-4 services.
  4. Yeah I agree. You will get more bolt ons. Like Hayu via now TV and Amazon prime. I suspect they will at some point retire direct subscriptions and it will all be via other services. And I think other smaller ones will go the same way.
  5. BTG


    The streaming services will eventually cannibalise each other and only those with the strongest revenue streams/biggest corporate backing will remain. At that stage, the streaming services that don’t make the cut will licence their catalogues out again.

    If Netflix can somehow financially weather the storm until that time comes, they may not end up in too bad a position once all is said and done. They are still the market leader after all, but I don’t know if corporate are making the right decisions to get them to that point.
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  6. I subscribed to Netflix on Friday to show my support for Heartstopper, but otherwise I hardly ever stay with Netflix for that long. So much content on there that I just feel kinda meh about.

    I definitely 'churn' - will usually wait for 2 or 3 shows to become available and then sign up for 1 month and watch as much as I can in that time and then end the subscription again.

    There's just too many. Eventually there'll be mergers, etc so will probably end up with Netflix, Disney, HBO/Discovery and Amazon. I can see Apple joining forces with Disney at some stage.
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  7. Perhaps the streaming services need to cater to a particular genre of TV/Movies rather than having everything? Like those ones which are purely about horror movies. I don't know. I think Netflix can be brilliant at times but other times I'm scrolling through thousands of things trying to find something to watch and nothing is of interest.
    I mostly enjoy their true crime docu-series and some of their original comedies.
  8. The Abercrombie & Fitch documentary was a fun watch. I mean, the company itself had an awful ethos but the way they made the documentary and approached the subject was done super well.
  9. My bet is on piracy winning again, as it should. Arrrrr!

    Nobody has time to switch to other services every month to get a particular exclusive show, cancel after a month and switch again or back and stuff. And they are increasing prices a lot.
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  10. Someone who wants to keep up with the ~hot shows would have to subscribe to Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+/Hulu and probably Apple+ and Amazon. That's just insanely expensive and unfeasible. The bubble will burst soon enough.
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  11. I have Amazon, Netflix and Disney+ am I insane?
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  12. My family just share the streaming services between us, my brother pays for Netflix, I pay for Disney+, parents have Sky so we can use SkyGo etc etc

    This isn't feasible for everyone and we didnt even plan for it to turn out this way, but it makes things manageable. But with Netflix cracking down on password sharing this'll probably change.

    Honestly the only service that seems worth its salt is HBO Max and that's not even available here.
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  13. I pay for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Now tv and Disney+ and I hate myself for it.
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  14. That’s part of the reason I keep Sky because they have the entire HBO catalogue.

    (Also because of my new found love of F1 which is ironically thanks to the Netflix show dd)
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    Mvnl Staff Member

    I have those plus HBO and something called Videoland. And cable. While in reality watching about 3 hours of tv at most in an average week. The FOMO is real.
  16. If I start a thread, can a mod move some of the Heartstopper related posts in this thread to that one?
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  18. Oh my god how is Bad Vegan SO BORING?! Like, it’s a completely crazy story but it is dragged out and told in such painful, repetitive detail. Should have been a 90 minute film.
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  19. I'm glad someone said this! I watched the first episode and was lightly interested but 10 mins into the second episode and I am so bored. I started the second episode 4 weeks ago and still have no plans to revisit it. Yet, everyone I know can't stop raving about it.

    On the subject of streaming subscriptions, my partner and I have Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, Apple TV and Now TV. We split the costs which helps but we realise we go months without even using some of them. It's as if certain platforms are only good during certain seasons of the year. Would be great if some of them could merge together.
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  20. Bad Vegan was pretty boring. I stuck with it because it was only four episodes. It reminded me of 'The puppet master' (also on Netflix), but less believable.
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