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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Premium is the 4K HDR option with 4 screens for the 19.99/month.
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  2. Have always found that story fascinating.
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  3. I can’t decide if Shadow Hunters is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen or pretty decent with pretty boys wherever you look (despite the terrible pacing)
  4. I love Shadow Hunters but frankly you'll be rooting for the bad guys as they make so much more sense than the extremely beautiful heroes.

  5. I wonder if it will have anything new to share that the very entertaining HBO documentary from two years ago didn't cover.

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  6. Oh wow, thanks! Wasn’t aware of that one.
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  7. She's back!

  8. I'm dropping Netflix as soon as HboMax becomes available in Turkey at the end of the year. The only thing that interests me are true crime docus and even they are hit or miss for the most part.
  9. I already dropped it for Disney+ and I'm already so much happier! So many iconic shows there, getting my life to BPG Sydney Bristow.
    Of course, Stranger Things will be impossible to avoid.
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  10. I just watched Dear Ex...

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  11. Disney+ and HBO Max are too American, Anglo centric for me. Netflix really can’t be beat for its international programmes.
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  12. Just finished Girl In The Picture. Absolutely heartbreaking and harrowing. It was really well done but man the story is just so sad.
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  13. Just watched this series on Netflix - Dead End: Paranormal Park. So good that I binged it in one night.

    So surprised I haven't heard anything about this show sooner. It is kind of like a Queer Gravity Falls.
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  14. Low key stanned the woman who ran the strip club. Half arsed and mostly deadpan, but you can tell she cared a lot about her.
  15. Omg I loved her too!! She was proper no nonsense which I really liked.
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  16. So Boo, Bitch… I mean it’s sort of awful but also great plus Lana Condor is amazing and deserves all the success.
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  17. First time I ever heard of this story. I’m on episode 3 now but finding this quite boring.
  18. MB


    Honestly this is such a struggle to get through. It's basically every storyline of every naff teen show but with the edge of her being dead.
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  19. Yeah this is also true!
    I think them dragging out who is actually dead is what makes it drag for me
  20. Well I loved Boo Bitch. It is silly, mindless, and at times, downright dumb. But it is a delightfully easy, comforting watch that perfectly fills the Never Have I Ever void until their next season returns. I also can't speak any more highly of Lana Condor, who effortlessly elevates every single project she's in.
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