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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. The Gray Man is by no means the best movie ever but it’s loud, nonstop chaos and I had a blast watching it.
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  2. Watching episode 1 of ‘The Most Hates Man on the Internet’ and rolling my eyes at the girls who claims she took a nude photo on her phone just for her own benefit and then emailed it to herself then her email was hacked and that’s how the photo got uploaded onto the internet… okay love. Because emailing yourself a nude photo from your phone makes perfect sense.
  3. I have literally done this, lawl. I can't remember why.
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  4. Or you could save your self-righteous judgement AND wait until you’ve seen the whole thing. If you had done that rather than running in here to victim blame her, you’d know this exactly what happened and Hunter Moore was convicted of paying a hacker to hack peoples emails to illegally obtain these photos.
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  5. He


    Ddd what is this take. Just believe victims.

    Some people used their email as storage. I know I did (and also saved nude photos).
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  6. I’ve just finished episode one of The Most Hated Man on the Internet and god, the way that entire subculture of misogynistic men, who are essentially incels in the making, were allowed just thrive and emboldened by literally everyone makes me stomach churn. Thank fuck we’ve progressed somewhat since then but still. Christ.
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  7. Yeah, I apologise for that post. I wasn't meaning that to come across as it did. It just sounded like an odd thing to do and I thought it was going to come out later on that she had sent it to someone and we were going to find out who that was etc. and their part in it all. Jumped the gun with my thoughts.
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  8. This Darren Star x Neil Patrick Harris show is so bad.
  9. I just binge watched Uncoupled all in one sitting and thoroughly enjoyed it. It towed the line between cheesy melodrama, raunchy sex comedy and heartfelt really well in my opinion. I’m happy Neil Patrick Harris has got to star in a show like this and it’s great to see Tisha Campbell in something again.
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  10. I'm not the biggest NPH fan but Uncoupled was..alright. Its no Younger, but good enough to binge on a Sunday to distract you from work blues. Tisha Campbell is, as always, a delight.
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  11. I'm one episode in to Uncoupled and I already know it won't be groundbreaking stuff, but still fun and fluffy. Sometimes it's just nice to have a fluffy show that doesn't require a lot of brain power to enjoy on a very surface level. The straights have garbage like Emily in Paris, we deserve this!!!
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  12. Uncoupled was fun to watch in a no-brainer type of way. As said, nothing groundbreaking, but it's great to have these types of shows on.
  13. Uncoupled hit a bit too close to home. It was like watching my life and my own realisations from the outside and it was surprisingly comforting to know it wasn’t just me. I don’t particularly like NPH but he’s watchable in this. It’s nothing groundbreaking but I’m appreciative of the representation in all these queer shows that are emerging recently.
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  14. I'm enjoying it. The queer community needs fluffy sitcoms too, especially one where gay characters are allowed to kiss other gay characters.
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  15. I know critics have torn it to shreds but I really enjoyed Keep Breathing. It's probably the first series in a long time I binge-watched in full in one afternoon. The ending wasn't particularly satisfying and there were a lot of plot holes/gaps but Melissa Barrera is a fantastic actress.
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  16. Totally. I love it when queer content can just be fluffy and not entrenched in sadness and trauma all the goddamn time.
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  17. I’m watching The Most Hated Man On the Internet, I was a bit baffled when I learned the British husband was a lawyer, and basically refused to help until the threat from “The Family” came through on day 9, and the photos were finally taken down 30 minutes after the phone call?
    He’s generally quite condescending towards Charlottes determination to carry on the investigation, even when the FBI visit the house.
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  18. Uncoupled has the same look and feel of the first SATC movie - similarly glossy and fluffy without the edge of the original series, bigotry of the second movie or batshit craziness of …And just like that. It’s completely watchable.
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  19. I’ve only just finished episode 2 and while he is not coming across at all well, a charitable interpretation of his decision to offer an unvarnished account of what happened and how he behaved at the time is to highlight what Charlotte achieved, pretty much single-handedly (because she certainly didn’t get much help from him or anyone else).
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  20. I thought Keep Breathing was fine but definitely could’ve been better. I feel like not a lot actually happened so was glad it was only 6 episodes.
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