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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. I... can't imagine having Neil Patrick Harris on my screen in 2022 ffff but good for y'all who enjoyed the show.
  2. I watched all 3 episodes of the Woodstock documentary on Netflix this evening. Christ. I’m astonished at so many things but most of all how the promoters and organisers still to this day shirk any sense of responsibility for what went down. It’s baffling.

    I wish the documentary came with some sort of trigger warning because the stories of how the women at the festival were treated and accounts of sexual assault were harrowing.
  3. Just finished Purple Hearts and really enjoyed it. The main song from it, Come Back Home, is also so good (and on Spotify).
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  4. I need to watch this, it's always interested me
  5. I continue to love Blown Away which just came out with its 3rd season. It’s so uplifting and has given me a new appreciation for the art of blowing glass.
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  6. It’s very good! It amazed me how much raw footage they had despite it being 1999 and camera phones not being a thing back then.
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  7. Everyone needs to watch 'Alba' it was really good.


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  8. Don't know if there's been any chat about it here but The Sandman drops in full tomorrow.

    To say I'm excited is an understatement - finally reading the series (and listening to the brilliant Audible drama too) last year was a revelation - but I'm also nervous. This isn't a story (stories...) that would easily translate into long-form episodes. It's a story about stories, with wildly different things happening episode to episode at times, and if they've kept the original spirit of the comics in there like they say they have, I wonder how audiences will react. It's so literary and thoughtful at times, in a way most comic-book related media just isn't.

    I mostly just hope it's good. The comics and the incredible themes and topics at play within them helped me make sense of a really difficult year plus I've been having since being made redundant from a job I loved during a pandemic. The central conceit - that abstract unknowable concepts like Death, Desire, Dreaming etc are in fact in some ways knowable, don't act randomly, might be part of a family as dysfunctional as ones we have on Earth - is comforting.

    There's risk it looks hokey, or just doesn't work. But I hope not. The reviews are still embargoed.
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  9. I watched 5 episodes tonight and have been enjoying it. Episode 5 was quite weird but in a good way.
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  10. Sandman is the most excited I’ve been for a series this year. I worked on the trailer but haven’t seen the series yet, but my whole team loved it so I am hopeful.
  11. I saw the Woodstock doc and then worked my way to the HBO doc, the HBO one was better and they actually used 80% of the same people for Netflix. With that being said, it's absolutely shocking to see how it all unfolded.

    And oh, the HBO one also touched on something that happened during DMX's set, UNBELIEVABLE. Watch that one too after you've seen the one on Netflix.
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  12. Oh I’m intrigued now! How does one watch the HBO doc if they’re in the UK?
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  13. Try using alternative methods! Ddd
  14. Haha it’s moments like this that make me miss Limewire so much!!
  15. I happened to watch them in this order as well. Holy fuck.
    Also the absolute DELUSION of the organizers — even to this day! — about what actually went on.
  16. Any Borgen-heads on this thread? The new series was fine but I wasn’t over the moon. Would’ve been nice if they gave Birgitte Hjort Sørensen more to do than stand around looking morose and being undermined by her employees.
  17. I finished watching The Sandman over the weekend. The first 5 episodes were quite good but found episodes 6-10 were a bit boring at times.
    If it comes back for a season 2 I would watch it but if it gets cancelled I would not be disappointed.
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  18. Mine main takeaway from both Woodstock 99 documentaries is that nu-metal is the single biggest stain on music, and popular culture in general.
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  19. Watching The Sandman… I don’t think a show has ever had such a low level of urgency? Everything is so paused and slow and meh.

    I’ll keep watching cause I have nothing else downloaded on my tablet buy ffff
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  20. The vertically squashed aspect ratio….

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