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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. I've seen 2 episodes of The Sandman and it's... interesting. I know nothing of the graphic novels so not sure how it compares. I can't say I'm gripped though.
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  2. WTF is with that! It’s not even all the time, just randomly showing them as spaghetti
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  3. I thought the Sandman was a film for some reason. I wouldn’t have minded a series but the few reviews in here don’t have me eager to put it on.
  4. I am disappointed but not surprised by The Sandman as it is everything I feared a Netflix production of The Sandman would be. It is aggressively mediocre with all the source materials sense of magic, mystery, horror and the uncanny stripped away from it. From its banal paint by numbers score, point and shoot direction and uninspired art direction and set set design. If something is kinda cool it is because it is copied directly from the comic. It's made all the worse with a central performance that is a giant charisma vaccuum. Dream is supposed to be otherworldly and strange and instead comes across as constantly mopey, sad and/or mildly disinterested. Every other actor acts him right off the screen. Patton Oswalt in voice alone is acting circles around him. Then you have the fact that it is so intent on being an insanely loyal adaptation so all surprise and suspense flies right out the window when you have read the comic. Thankfully there are some excellent performances trying to breathe some life into this thing. However the best analogy I can make is that this adaptation is like Watchmen the movie when it should have been more like Watchmen the tv series.
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  5. Just finished Alone great film those last 20 mins very tense
  6. I must be watching a different Sandman
  7. Not Netlfix but The Bear on Hulu was amazing
  8. Just finished watching the final(3rd) season of Locke and Key. Wasn’t as good as the previous seasons. Not sad that it’s been cancelled. But I am starting to wonder what am I going to be watching on Netflix? All the shows I used to watch have been cancelled and there have not been any new ones to replace. May have to cancel soon.
  9. I Just Killed My Dad was so sad. But I'm glad about the outcome at the end. The lawyer was doing God's work too. Such a horrible case.
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  10. I really enjoyed this


  11. [​IMG]

    Who’s watching this dreck?
  12. Happy Never Have I Ever day! <3 I can't wait to tell myself I will pace myself with this season and by Sunday be on episode 8, ha!
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  13. I also really like The Sandman, I am halfway through. The only thing that annoys me is Sandman himself. I don't know if that is how he is supposed to be but he is so bland and that deep voice... Meh. i just don't kike him very much. Other than that, great show.
  14. He gets more likeable in the back half of the season.

    Gwendoline Christie slays as Lucifer!

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  15. I really liked her, she was awesome.

    That is good to hear about Sandman because I was starting to wonder if its because of the character or the actor, even though I did see him in one movie where he was good in a role of an asshole.
  16. Never Have I Ever is so good. Locke and Key is back now too!
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  17. I’m trying to pace Never Have I Ever out a bit, but will probs also have it finished by tomorrow!
  18. I watched 5 episodes of Never Have I Ever in one sitting last night. I regret NOTHING!!! I’ll probably have it finished by tonight, it’s just so goddamn good.
  19. I'm so late but I just started Never Have I Ever today. For some reason, I had thought that Devi was only about 12 so I wasn't interested in watching it. I love it and really wish I had watched it before now.
  20. Finishing Sandman felt like doing my least favourite chore. The way storylines and characters are introduced and dropped in a matter of seconds. The way the whole vortex thing is resolved. The bad acting from Dream and Rose and almost everyone. Bffff

    I will read the comics cause I refuse to believe Gaiman created anything but great, but my god this adaptation had not an ounce of care in it.
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