Netflix recommendations


Who’s watching this dreck?

If this is renewed after Archive 81 and Marianne's cancellation.. I have no words.
I have two episodes left of Never Have I Ever, just as I predicted! My husband and I watched the entire second season of Indian Matchmaking today, ah it was so good. Seema Mami from Mumbai stays being a queen. Based on how they ended the second season I reckon it’s dead certain there’s a third season coming.
I'm so late but I just started Never Have I Ever today. For some reason, I had thought that Devi was only about 12 so I wasn't interested in watching it. I love it and really wish I had watched it before now.

Never Have I Ever is great. I just wish the sex stuff was more realistic though. They go from kissing to penetrative sex, with no discussion of everything else that happens in between that teenagers do.
Finished Keep Breathing. The final episode was kinda boring as hell honestly. Overall it was an ok little show. As someone who was mixed on Melissa Berrara's performance in Scream I thought she was much better here.
I'm very late with this, but I have fallen in love with Anne With an E. It's such a good-hearted coming of age show, and it has so many good messages of tolerance for the younger generation. I also love the window it offers to a much simpler and less materialistic way of life.

Sure it is all very idealized, but period dramas have never been about realism anyway, and I'm glad they used it to show more inclusive stories.

I heard that it was cancelled after the third season, and actually I believe the book goes a bit beyond what is seen in the series, but I have just seen the finale and it's hard to imagine it wasn't always meant to end there. People can go in without fearing it's going to end abruptly.

I can't recommend it enough!

Started watching this tonight. I watched 2 and a half episodes to give it a chance but just couldn’t get into it. I was looking forward to it after seeing the trailer but I was bored most of the time so won’t be watching anymore.
I watched the first episode of Echoes and not sold on it. Feels a bit like SMG’s Ringer but less fun. Is it worth sticking with?