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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Daman on Indian Matchmaking is so hot omg!!
  2. MB


    I literally gave up half way through epsiode one. Not even Matt Bomer could keep my attention.
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  3. I’m disappointed with the response to Echoes, dunno if I will bother starting it now.
  4. That animated cat bit in episode 11 of The sandman can go rot, when I say I left the room
  5. The show DARK is so good at the moment. I think it's a German show, but the plot is sooooo good.
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  6. Has anyone else watched Untold : The Girlfriend Who didn’t Exist?

    I know these kinds of docs can be a bit sketchy with the facts so I’m willing to discuss.
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  7. Fantastic underrated show!
  8. I know right!

    I just started season 3. How has this show not been bought by America to be done?
  9. Because there’s no need for an adaptation, since we do have the German version to watch and enjoy. Also, “it’s German but good” is sending me ddd.
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  10. Not sure where to post this as it’s not on Netflix but I’ve just watched this series called “From” which was amazing:
  11. Dark is great. Another incredible German show on Netflix is Kleo.
  12. So I decided to give this a go… on episode 3 and I don’t hate it but it’s confusing, I don’t even know who’s actually missing?
  13. I’m around the same point. I think Gina is missing and Leni is actually Leni. But I could be completely wrong because my mum thought the opposite to me.
  14. This is what I thought too actually, but ‘Leni’ couldn’t remember her daughter’s breakfast etc. The OTT-ness of the Sheriff is annoying me though!
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  15. I’ve finished Episode 1 of Echoes and it’s brilliantly shit. Really loving Michelle Moynihan giving us Babylon 5-era Claudia Christian. Queen.
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  16. OK, that's the review that might actually make me watch Echoes - the reviews are bad, but I like Michelle Monahah, so a PJer saying it's "brilliantly shit" means it might be worth watching.
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  17. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I watched this and I'm still in disbelief.

    I'm willing to give Manti the benefit of the doubt, I really just think he was homesick/looking for connection/a bit too trusting and naïve. He seemed like a really nice person and unfortunately it was taken advantage of. And I think catfishing was a relatively unknown thing at that time as well.

    But Naya... this woman ruined this man's entire life, career, income, family etc. and she was cracking jokes. I wanted to scream. No remorse, no accountability, was there even an apology? She justified everything as being a part of her journey to self-discovery without ever acknowledging that she destroyed Manti's life in the process. I'm honestly still seething. She is an awful human being and she should've been sued or charged with a crime or something because she clearly doesn't understand the damage she caused.
  18. Honestly, when she said something along the lines of the bit in bold ^ Me and my friend were absolutely shook. Like.. what the hell.

    Then when he was explaining how it’s affected his life and how he’s ridiculed even to this day and started to get upset. Meanwhile she’s just out here crackin on with life and barely even said she’s sorry!

    Was kinda hoping for them to meet face to face at one point in modern day but then given how it panned out I can see why that never happened and I Quickly realised Manti would never agreed to it.
  19. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Honestly I wouldn't even want Manti to meet her now! Naya doesn't deserve it. She's an asshole and hopefully she realizes that when she watches this and sees Manti still getting emotional when he talks about it.

    It rubbed me the wrong way how Netflix showed her reconnecting with her roots and dancing and generally being at peace, meanwhile he clearly still suffers from the aftermath. I don't think they did a good job of highlighting just how badly his life got destroyed from this, and specifically the fact that it was her fault. You don't go from being one of the most decorated college football players in history to being drafted 38th by the NFL and being a free agent only 6 years later. It was literally all because of the damage she did.
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  20. I finished Echoes and wish I hadn’t wasted hours of my life with it. What a terrible show that could’ve been more interesting with better writing.
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