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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. She's a horrible person. I can't at the TOTAL ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY for her damn actions. Garbage person. And I knew she would go on this path when she kept saying, I don't know what made me tell him that Lennay was dying/in an accident the same time his grandma died. BITCH, YOU KNEW! He was pulling away and you wanted one last move to get his attention.

    And I just wanna say Manti in 2022? THAT'S FUCKING ZAD.

  2. Another one!
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  3. Can someone who watched the Untold documentary potentially tell me how Manti found out “his girlfriend” had died? It isn’t mentioned in any of the articles I’ve read so far and I’m not sure I am willing to subject myself to the whole show just to find that out.
  4. The catfish told him via the phone. The catfish pretended to be the girlfriend's brother.
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  5. Well if you want to get knocked on your ass and cry for hours, Lost Ollie is perfect.

    I did not expect this 4 episode series about a lost toy trying to find his owner so....devastating and beautiful.
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  6. Thank you, I was very perplexed. There being a whole ecosystem of fake family etc. clears it up.
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  7. I'm a couple episodes into The Sandman and I'm quite enjoying it so far.
    The only thing I don't like is Matthew's voice. Patton Oswalt is way too cheesy for a show like this.
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  8. 7 episodes into Partner Track and I am loving it. It's a perfect, cheesy romcom/dramedy show.

    Arden Cho is a great lead and there is plenty of eye candy abound. Dominic Sherwood, woof.
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  9. I just started this, so far so good.
  10. Fakes is SO good. I watched 4 episodes last night. I had a feeling after watching the trailer it would be something special. Plus, it's a Canadian CBC production! Being Erica reboot next pretty please.

    The chemistry between the girls is amazing. It's basically like an alternate version of Boo, Bitch. Not just because they both happen to be Asian, but the strong chemistry and overall similarities in the way they behave. I absolutely love it so far. And the episodes are short and sweet. Very bingeable.
  11. Watching Uncoupled and I am in two minds about it. One the one hand, I love the premise and having a show focus on queer people going through the same things we have a million shows and movies with straight people doing the same thing.
    On the other hand....Neil Patrick Harris. I just find something dark sided about him. He's a solid enough actor though and carries the show well enough.
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  12. Fate Winx saga or whatever it’s called isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen (also Liam from Corrie is in it and my god.. swoon)
  13. Uncoupled certainly got better as it went on and I grew to like Michael as a character. They better not get him and Colin back together in season 2 (if there is one) Suzanne and Stanley are the highlights though, I really loved them.
    Just finished season 1 of Love Life and adored it. Anna Kendrick is brilliant and the premise of the show works really well. I need season 2 on Netflix ASAP.
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  14. Thank you for alerting me. That's my Monday sorted.
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  15. I inhaled season 2 in a week - if you thought season 1 was good, season 2 is even better!
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  16. The I AM KILLER documentaries are truly something else. The way the show is presented and then the mid-way TWIST when the other side tells the story. OH WOW.
  17. Yes its absolutely appauling. Terribly acted, the plot makes zero sense and it just feels so... low rent.

    I binged season 1 and apparently its been comissioned for another season so feel I am partially to blame.
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  18. Why am I addicted to Selling the OC. It's so terrible.
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  19. I am obsessed with this series. Trapped was amazing and Entrapped is no different.

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