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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. End of the Road… what a lot of shit! It’s like a bad parody movie!
  2. I finally finished season 2 of Bling Empire. I really struggled to stay interested in this season, even if was only 8 episodes. Season 1 was a fun lockdown watch but season 2... like nothing happened? The on-going "romance" with Kevin and Kim - NO ONE CARES!!!

    The Anna and Christine beef has also lost steam - though I love Christine. Anna just seems nasty for the sake of it and isn't endearing at all.

    Kane is just there.. Jamie is just there...

    Dorothy was a great addition because I've loved her since Rich Kids and her reasons for not liking Kane were valid. But they had her in a few scenes and then nothing and now she's moving to New York? What was the point? I know they're angling a NY Bling Empire spin off but it made more sense to just have her start in NY instead of including her in this franchise and then move her away.

    They had that scandal with that one guy having a secret family and did nothing with it? It was one and done by episode 3.

    Also, I know these shows are heavily manipulated but christ the attempts at acting was painful. Kim, Kane, Kevin - all super stiff and wooden. Did they go to the Harry Styles school of acting because sheeeesh!
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  3. Season 2 was such a massive, unwatchable downgrade. Sad.
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  4. absolutely - I'm surprised they have a season 3 coming because there is still no storyline at all.
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  5. This is going to be intense isn’t it?
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  6. Santa Sangre has appeared on Netflix UK of all places, if anyone is a fan of very out there cinema
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  7. I just started watching Do Revenge, and FUCKING Sarah Michelle Gellar pops up out of nowhere. I got literal chills. Movie seems good so far too. Right up my alley. I'll forever be 16 at heart.

    SMG is queen. Forever and always. She definitely deserved this part and many more to come. She just has legendary status. Period.
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  8. The cast is so great. Camila Mendes' chemistry combined with Maya Hawke is just off the charts. Haven't been entertained by a movie like this since Cruel Intentions. Honestly, and I ADORE that movie. Sexual awakening and whatnot; by Ryan Phillippe. I swear. The more reason why SMG is perfect as headmaster for this role.
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  9. DO REVENGE and Great British Baking Show out same day, what a good day for Netflix
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  10. Camilla Mendes?
  11. Yeah she and Shawn got married x
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  12. I would of trimmed 25 minutes off ‘Do Revenge’ but it was an enjoyable ride, lots of homages and shot beautifully.

    One thing though

    The fact that the Headmaster didn’t reveal her real name was Katherine at the end was MASSIVE wasted opportunity. The same universe as Cruel Intentions would have been a gag.
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  13. I had a lot of fun with Do Revenge, it was an enjoyable melange of teen movie influences whilst still being its own thing.

    Camilla Mendes was great, as was Maya Hawke. During the grilled cheese scene she was giving Uma so much that it was uncanny.

    Sophie Turner was a scream, and Sarah Michelle Gellar ate every time she was on screen.
  14. The Sins Of Our Mother documentary. I can't believe I didn't know about this story at all and it all happened during lockdown?! The story is harrowing.
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  15. I haven't seen any of Selling Sunset but that really hot BRO in the OC version is FLOODING MY BASEMENT. I think his name is Travis. Damn, he is FOINE.
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  16. Tyler?! You might want to take a look at the Selling Sunset thread…
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  17. OMG LEMME DO IT NAOO yeah I remembered something with T
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  18. No, NOT Tyler it’s the blond one I forgot his name sorry.
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  19. The blonde DILF Austin?! Oh yeah…
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  20. Easy mistake. Having had a couple glasses of red wine. Remember Mendes' first Twitter bio. She stated she was not a Shawn and Camila fan account.
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