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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. That would have truly been a FANTASTIC reveal, and potentially get a Cruel Intentions television show off the ground. NBC was the wrong choice 6 years ago. Just as it was in 2000. A show of that caliber is destined to be on a streaming service.
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  2. Sorry for the multiple posts, but I just watched Do Revenge for a second time and there are so many references and details that I didn't catch the first time.

    Also, the soundtrack is AMAZING. Can't believe they actually used a song from Cruel Intentions. It was the cherry on top.

    The ending also made me emotional. Because it was just like Annette driving Sebastian's car. This movie is truly a love letter made for the newer generation.
  3. Y'all need to watch Heartbreak High.

    I feel like the comparisons to Sex Education are valid, but it'd be underselling what Heartbreak High does. It's a great show that I feel isn't getting enough promo by Netflix. If I don't get a second season...
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  4. Is this a reboot of the iconic Australian 90s series that was aired on BBC2?
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  5. I tried going back and watching Selling Sunset but the first episode bored me to tears. Selling the OC was definitely more gripping after one episode.

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  6. It is a reboot of the iconic Australian 90s series. Three actors from the original series reprise their roles, with Scott Major's Peter Rivers probably be the most prominent of the three, playing the father of one of the new characters, Darren.
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  7. Oh don't worry. It's on my list
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  8. Incredible. I’ve never not been thinking about Drassic
  9. YESSSS. Please let the show flop so he has to do OnlyFans. JASOSJDJFJRRN

    I mean he’s already almost there:

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  10. I wish Netflix would give us another season of Dating Around. I loved that whole premise.
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  11. OK, which one you created the soundtrack for "Do Revenge"? Most of the songs are a greatest hits of PJ 2020-2022, with a few retro 90s moments (like using a punk "Kids in America" like Clueless, Celebrity Skin by Hole).

    The movie itself? Didn't feel two hours long, and the plot twists were satisfying. Camila and Maya were excellent, and our lady Sarah Michelle of Gellar excelled.
  12. My king Rob Lowry was the music supervisor. The way I have now discussed this in multiple threads, but I truly am a hole for that beautiful straight man & his incredible taste. Also, Queen Este Haim worked on the score.

    Also, Do Revenge is a perfect movie. It is the best thing I've seen all year, the best teen film I've seen since Easy A (perhaps longer), and I think it will become a classic of the genre. The performances, the wipsmart writing, the twists, the music, the styling, the overall stunning aesthetics, the countless nods to other classic teen movies (with at least a handful to Cruel Intentions), it just hit every note perfectly for me. I can see why others feel the runtime could have been shaved down, but those 2 hours flew by for me. I cannot wait to give it a rewatch and I hope it receives the attention & respect it deserves.
  13. I love you Topher, I really do. You just KNOW your stuff and are so eloquent. Well, duh. Obviously.
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  14. I loved Do Revenge and the music… Praise You/Bitch/Dreams in the space of 5 mins… amazing!
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  15. The Sins of Our Mother documentary was just a lot. A painfully sad story but another really solid crime documentary from Netflix.

    I’m surprised I didn’t hear anything about this story until now, especially as it all played out during lockdown in 2020. I had all the time in the world and this story didn’t pop up once?!

    Between Keep Sweet, The Banner Under Heaven drama on Disney+ and now Sins of Our Mother, the fucking LDS Church sounds horrific and very unhinged.
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  16. Was very sad.

    I was shocked to find out

    Colby was arrested in early September in Mesa, Arizona, right before the show dropped on Netflix, for "two counts of sex crimes," according to KTVB news station. The charges were later dropped.

    According to police documents obtained by AZ Family 3TV, Colby went to a woman’s house (the woman is not named but is later identified as his estranged wife), the two watched TV, and started kissing.

    She reportedly said, “stop, this isn’t a good idea,” and “I don’t want to do this,” according to court documents, and she claims he sexually assaulted her as she continued to plead for him to stop. Afterward, the documents say, the woman locked herself in her room and Colby started crying and then left.

    The next morning, the woman recorded a conversation between herself and Colby where he reportedly admitted to raping her. She shared that recording with police, who arrested Colby. He was booked on two counts of sexual assault and his bond was set at $10,000, AZ Family says.

    As part of the conditions of his release, Colby will not be allowed to initiate contact with the alleged victim or the arresting officers, NBC reported.
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  17. I watched episode 1 of this and found it a bit... long. There are some laughs but it had a lot of padding. I've been doing a lot of teen drama series lately though so gonna take a bit of a break and watch other things and then come back as it has all the makings of something I'd enjoy. The cast are all superb too.
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  18. Christ, I had no idea about all of this!
  19. Sins of our mother made me cry. Awful.

    But finding out the newest info in the spoiler above, damn.
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  20. I watched the John McCafee docu, wow, what a bonkers human!
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