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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Watched the first three episodes of Heartbreak High tonight, really enjoying it. Harper is bugging me though.
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  2. I really disliked Harper upon my initial watch too, but after watching the penultimate episode and following my re-watch of the series, I feel like her anger towards Amerie is justified, although some of her behavior wasn't.
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  3. I started the 4-part docuseries Keep Sweet, Pray & Obey about the FLDS and what the fuck?!
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  4. Yeah I’m assuming it’s because I haven’t seen why she fell out with Amerie yet, like, spit it out!
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  5. Started watching the series today:

    Such a sick man and quite disturbing to watch.
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  6. I'm intrigued to start watching DAHMER, but it will be difficult to top this for me. Ross Lynch was just amazing. Such an underrated performance and film in general.

  7. My favourite part of Do Revenge was seeing queen Sarah Michelle Gellar back in action, she killed it. Overall I enjoyed it & thought it was a fun watch but it was overly long, some of the characterisation towards the end flat out didn’t make sense & I can’t help but feel that Maya Hawke was perhaps miscast.
  8. So I'm about half way through season 2 and I am finding it a bit of a chore? Marcus is just so unlikable to me. I am far more interested in his sister who I need more of and also really enjoy what we see of his friends. There's a strong plot and it's so on point with what's going on in the world but Marcus is hard for me to root for.
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  9. Oh no! I’m sorry you’re not enjoying it so much. It is a good season overall and I agree Marcus isn’t a likeable character but I never found Anna Kendrick’s character likeable in the first season either. They’re both like anti-heroes and their friends are what make them so interesting.

    If you do manage to get to the end, please let me know how you find the last few eps!
  10. I haven't watched anything on Netflix for 1,5 years. Why do I pay.
  11. Yeah I quite enjoyed it until the ending. It was ridiculous - none of those characters would have cared because literally everyone is awful. And college is definitely one in one out. Jeez
  12. I just finished it and it did get better towards the end. As nasty as it sounds, I was glad how things imploded for Marcus since it finally made him take responsibility for his actions and make better choices.
    I'd have liked him more if they hadn't riddled him with so many clichés and tropes I hate in men on screen. "My wife doesn't understand me!" "You were the one leading me one" "We're moving too fast and I need a break even though I was the one to turn up the speed" etc. The good qualities he had felt so hidden until so late in the story. It didn't feel balanced enough.

    What I did appreciate was the inclusion of some of the issues black people face when dating. It'd be nice if they expanded on that as I found it educational and really well told. The bit with Becca and the picture white people see of black men not being there for their kids was a really powerful moment in the series. Incorporating COVID and the BLM movement was a great idea and again felt natural and integral to the series.

    All in all I still prefer season 1 but I found plenty to like in this one too by the end.
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  13. I enjoyed Do Revenge for most part until the mid-credit scenes. I feel like the film ended perfectly before the credits, whereas the mid-credit scenes just felt like they were there to fulfill your standard teen film's tropes and none of those endings felt particularly earned.
  14. Gosh, all these teen / high school shows in this thread. Y'all must be 30 years my junior.

    Well, this looks very entertaining. And what a cast!

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  15. Honestly I wasn't feeling the first episode too but 2 and 3 definitely sold it for me, I'm enjoying this. I need a Malakai for myself, what an adorable and gorgeous guy!
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  16. I really enjoyed it. I want a bf like Malakai.
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  17. Lou was a fun ride!
    Logan Marshall-Green is soooo hot!

  18. If y'all liked Do Revenge, may I suggest director/writer/queen Jenn Kaytin Robinson's delightful one-season wonder Sweet/Vicious? It shares a lot of the same thematic and tonal DNA as Do Revenge (as well as star in Do Revenge bit player Eliza Bennett). It was this little seen, darkly comedic drama on MTV about two girls who become vigilantes to punish rapists on a college campus. It managed this incredible tonal tightrope of being genuinely dark and disturbing at the same time as it's laugh-out loud funny without ever becoming sensationalistic or insensitive - in fact it treated its core themes with a tremendous amount of empathy and respect.

    It had the unfortunate bad timing of debuting right as Trump became president and MTV didn't really know how to market it, but a lot of its core ideas have only become more present in our culture since (#MeToo, rape culture, policing, consent). Much like Do Revenge, the light touch it uses to tackle its subject matter - the humor, the wonderful depiction of female friendship, the great use of pop music (every episode is titled after an album, such as "Pure Heroine", "Sucker", "Fearless") - makes all the difference in not weighing the show down too much, so it remains a pretty breezy, addictive watch throughout.

    Unfortunately the show isn't available on any streaming platform, but it's possible to buy on iTunes and other VOD platforms. It's pretty easy to find through other means as well.

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  19. I watched this a few days ago but was expecting it to be a lot better.
  20. Just finished watching Blonde. Ana de Armas was truly amazing in the role. I've read mixed reviews of the film overall and I can understand why. The movie is rather focussed on the negative and there isn't really much light to any of it. That said, I did quite enjoy it and really anytime Ana is on screen you are completely transfixed. The whole visual of the movie is stunning as well.
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