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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. I also watched Blonde last night and I enjoyed it, mostly. Ana is fantastic and truly embodies Marilyn Monroe, the score is great, it's beautifully shot, and although I haven't read the book it felt like a faithful adaptation based on what I know about it. The dialogue felt clunky to me though - the constant addressing of all her husbands as "Daddy" in every sentence was extremely tedious and heavy handed, and all of Cass' lines were so Art Film© it made me cringe a bit (but would I let him? Absolutely I would)
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  2. The book that it’s based on is not a happy book.
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  3. LTG


    What was the point of Blonde? Was there any idea behind it other than “she felt Marilyn was just a character she was portraying”?

    There’s been so much written and shown about the difficulties in Monroe’s life, did we need three hours of her misery on screen?

    Seeing these responses from Dominik had already poised me against enjoying the film, and nothing shown really made me change my mind:

    After I’d seen the trailer I didn’t think de Armas was getting the diction right, but I thought she was great in the film. I also liked simp Arthur Miller by Adrien Brody.
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  4. Honestly not really. To me it was about a 60/40 split between what you described and what essentially amounted to fanfiction - so, based on what I know about the source material, it's technically a solid adaptation dd

    My feelings on it are definitely complicated. As I said before, there's plenty to like about it - Ana de Armas is magnetic, the score is gorgeous, and I liked how stylized it all was in terms of cinematography. But it doesn't offer anything new in terms of perspective on the Myth of Marilyn Monroe either
  5. I was excited about Blonde but now I’m unsure. I’ve always enjoyed Stephanie Zacharek’s writing. After reading her review and comments on here, I feel like I’ve already watched it without watching it. I just feel like it’ll be 150 minutes of gorgeous looking mental torture. I’m tired just thinking about it.
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  6. I was going to watch blonde last night but then I saw the trailer, the length of the movie and read the reviews. I felt exhausted just from that.. so definitely don’t think I will be watching this.
  7. Is there a specific documentary worth seeking out about Marilyn. I've watched a few but I still find her life story fascinating. Also, what are your favourite Marilyn movies?
  8. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
    Some Like It Hot
    All About Eve

    Most actors would KILL to have that trinity on their filmography…
  9. This was a good mini docu series

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  10. A slow burner to begin with but by the end episode 6 I was wanting more. I really hope series 2 gets the go ahead.

  11. Heartbreak High finale:
    Hmmmm so Harper being abused is supposed to excuse her fucking two of her best friend's crushes? She didn't even apologize at all!! Dusty I'd be able to ignore because it was really just a crush but hooking up with Malakai was the shittiest of moves.
    Other than that, loved the show.
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  12. I've been watching Cooking with Paris.
  13. I highly recommend Fakes to everyone, a fun story with even funner storytelling. Jennifer Tong stole every scene for me and her fashion was giving Clueless for 2022.
  14. Just watched Luckiest Girl Alive, for some reason I thought it was a series, but still a good watch nonetheless.
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  15. I watched 2 episodes last night. I expected more but I will most likely watch the rest and hopefully it gets a bit better.
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  16. Just started Mike Flanagan‘s The Midnight Club. Reviews are mixed so far but I’m loving ep 1.

    I’ll admit that the jump scares got me
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  17. I'm perched for Midnight Club but if it's as slow as Midnight Mass...
  18. He


    Winx saga remains one of the worst things ever, so of course I’m deep into season 2.
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  19. I loved all 3 shows of Mike Flanangan so I hope I love the newest one too.
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  20. I’m persevering with Midnight Club because I love everything Mike Flanagan does with a passion, but this is a real slog to get through.

    There are little to no actual horror moments and I just can’t latch on to any of the characters. Gone are the days of Hill House.
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