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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Midnight Club is serving ABC Family Season 1 vibes.
  2. I finished watching the Midnight Club. I did not enjoy the parts where they were telling stories - felt it took too much of the episodes. I started to just fast forward through the stories so I could get back to the present/actual storyline which I enjoyed more.
  3. My question is, do the stories have anything to do with the main plot in the end? Otherwise, I may do the same.
  4. I was watching the stories up until episode 7 but didn’t watch any of them for the remaining episodes. The main plot still made sense to me.

    I did enjoy the whole episode 7 though, so that might be worth to watch.

    I think the stories are supposed to relate to the characters themselves but does not have anything to do with the main plot?
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  5. I was surprised by the bad reviews for this as I thought this was genuinely good. Mila was really, really good as Ani, someone riddled with trauma trying to navigate her past.

    I do wish this had come with a warning though at the beginning of the film because even though you knew it was coming, watching a
    gang rape
    was truly upsetting.
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  6. Can someone please recommend me something I can cry my eyes out to.
  7. All My Life.

  8. The final scene is really quite something
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  9. It infuriated me because it sadly drove home the point of why she never spoke up for herself as a teen.
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  10. So, I watched Blonde.
    All I can ask is why? Why this exercise in miserabilism? Why keep heaping indignities and cruelty upon Ms Monroe? Why the talking fetus? This movie answers with "Why all the pearls? Why all the blue hair? Why anything?" This film wishes it was Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me. Andrew Dominik wishes he was Pablo Larraín. Jackie and Spencer, also being fictional psychodramas about famous women are divisive and not perfect but they and Fire Walk With Me treat their subjects with respect, give them agency and have much more nuance. Ana de Armas is excellent but since she is given such shallow direction and strict guidelines on how to play Monroe the performance never hints at any inner life because there isn't one in this movie. It's not surprising that Dominik thinks the utterly charming and clever Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is just a movie about "well dressed whores".
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  11. I can't deal with the audacity of Netflix—they killed Blockbuster and now they're making a sitcom about Blockbuster.

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  12. Okay, but this looks pretty good? I have faith in the teams behind it and I appreciate the Superstore vibes, even if it won't match the heights of that show.

    I need to go re watch Superstore.
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  13. Based on the trailer, I'm excited for it too—I love Randall Park and Melissa Fumero. I just find the whole thing quite humorous, especially considering the history between Blockbuster and Netflix.
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  14. Oh it's so petty and brilliant of Netflix to do this and I am here for every second of it.
  15. Luckiest Girl Alive was meh for me, but Chiara Aurelia's performance stole the show.
  16. I wanted to like The Midnight Club but none of the stories really captured me and I understand it may have a different audience than his other work but it still felt not scary enough or got me invested in it. I wasn't sure if the focus were the stories or the cult.
  17. I wasn't impressed either, but I just assumed it's scary stories for young teens so probably not for me.
  18. I mean, I assumed as much but even then I don't think they would be scary for young teens? I felt that they should have been shorter with more focus on what was happening outside.
  19. 3 episodes into The Watcher and I'm hooked! Praying they do not fuck it up with some non-sense by the end.
  20. Spanish dramedy The Girls At The Back on Netflix is worth a shot - two episodes in and it’s already made me cry and laugh at the same time. The writing and directing are top notch, but the leads are the show’s biggest strength. Rita fans will likely enjoy this.
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