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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Have people talked about Klaus? What a heart warming slightly left field Christmas movie.
  2. I watched the first two episode of Inside Man and you know what, mess at that jail storyline. The most obnoxious characters i have seen in a long time!

    I like the main drama in the vicar's house but i hate that they wrote another Sherlock like character and been trying to sell him. No, i want to see the sassy math teacher and David Tennant. Boring and predictable.

    I also caught up with first two episodes of Cabinet of Curiousities and nn, no. The first one was especially such a disappointment. Does it get any better?
  3. Double post but...

    The season 2 of Midnight Club has been cancelled after (or before?) Flanagan made a deal with Prime. The good sis also posted the synopsis for season 2 on his tumblr dd.
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  4. That was never going to get renewed anyway. Prime have really dropped the ball recently so makes sense that Flanagan would go there, Netflix were not interested.
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  5. Klaus is a banger.
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  6. One of us is lying season 2 was alright really, still interesting enough to watch despite it basically being I know what you did last summer
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  7. I enjoyed Falling for Christmas in a turn your brain off and just watch kind of way
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  8. I devoured Firefly Lane - Season 2, Part 1. I don't what it is about this show that just gripped me.
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  9. What did you guys think about "Why are you like this?" ? I've just finished it.
  10. I think it's marginally better than Love Hard but they were both cheesy af dd
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  11. I will say Sierra singing that particular line of Jingle Bell Rock was a direct reference to Cady in mean girls and you can’t convince me otherwise
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  12. I really liked Love Hard. That being said, I'm a sucker for a dumb Netflix Christmas movie. I'm still waiting for the non-existent latest entries into the A Christmas Prince and The Princess Switch franchises.
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  13. This looks cute, I don't speak Spanish though. So I'll watch with subs!
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  14. Saw the first episode. I really wanted to like it but it was hard to get through.

    Also, are they originally speaking Catalan and then dubbed it over in Spanish? The sound mixing is really off and their lips sometimes don’t even match the words.
  15. I can’t wait to start season 2 over the holiday break. Season 1 was the warm, assuring hug I needed during lockdown so I have a lot of time for such a lovely show.
  16. I quite liked Smiley. It was far from realistic but the 2 leads were really likeable and made it worth watching. They could have done without the straight couple sub plot though.
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  17. Me watching anything:
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  18. Firefly Lane - Season 2 is a mess so far. Like literally two episodes in it feels like last season's cut scenes stretched except for that new addition who is horrific. Maybe it'll pick up!
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  20. I’m watching it now. It’s cute. The Grindr stuff is hilarious and totally accurate (sadly).
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