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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. I was really enjoying You until they broke up but I'm going to finish it tonight. Until that point I was really pleasantly surprised by how good it was.
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  2. You is one of the best campy, trashy TV achievements of the last year. It’s also one of the most stunning TV shows, aesthetically.
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  3. Watched the first episode of You tonight and it was brilliant. Can't wait to watch the rest.
  4. Ah I had high hopes about YOU. It started out strong but quickly got ridiculous and unbelievable. Like if I didn't know It was lifetime before...

    Decent watch though. Penn was probably the best thing about the show.
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  5. Just chiming in to say Great News is really good and sad to see it was cancelled - here's hoping Netflix picks it up - could happen now they are finishing with Kimmy Schmidt
  6. I started watching You this afternoon on a whim.

    It's now evening and I'm like six episodes in. Someone send help.
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  7. Definitely recommend Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat - it's completely gorgeous to look at with stunning locations and sumptuous food. The host is knowledgeable and engaging and I now want to put salt all over my vegetables
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  8. Kimmy Schmidt was fun to begin with then I just got bored.
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  9. Fingers crossed.
  10. The House of Flowers was really enjoyable.
    The voice overs are done extremely well and I was pleased rather than needing to read subtitles.
    The story is fun, the characters interesting and... a fair few nice bottoms on display too!

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  11. Voice-overs? For that series? No ma'am.
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  12. Been watching You, and it soooo good, but OMG

    I can’t believe they killed Peach, she was the best part of the show
  13. My God, what is this campy MESS I’m watching and why is it so amazing? And how hot is Julien, brother in real life of my childhood fantasy Gael Garcia Bernal.
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  14. I'm sorry but La Casa de Las Flores is straight up trash. Awful acting and zero laughs. The most baffling choice amongst a lot of ludicrous ones is making the big sister talk the way she talks. I wanted to kill myself every time she was on screen. But maybe it's more enjoyable if you're not a spanish speaker
  15. I...think that's how she talks?
    P.......O.....R F.....A......V.....O.....R, M........A.........M.......A
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  16. They've said on interviews that it was her choice, and I guess it worked because after its premiere her character spawned a lot of memes in here. I hate this country sometimes
  17. American Vandal 2 is so good.
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  18. Perhaps. I really got into it. Yes it's pretty over-the-top but I just thought it was attempting to be a little like a telenovela?
  19. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    My cousin has allowed me a profile on his premium account what should I watch first girls?? I've already got Bird Box, Annihilation and Maniac on my list but anything else??
  20. TV shows: The Good Girls and also Great News
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