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I just wanted to say that I love how you can raise the playback speed to 1.5x on Netflix. For stand-up comedy specials or something you just have on in the background and aren’t intently watching, it helps to barrel through.
Obsession is potentially the worst thing Netflix has ever done.


Myself and a friend binged the whole thing a couple of days ago. It's insanely bad. I can't believe that any amount of money could go into something so terrible. I kept watching expecting something to click, but no, it really was just awful with no redeeming quality.
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I've decided that as I've got a lil cold today, and now that I've gotten through my latest drama, I'm going to intentionally spend all day in my PJs watching Netflix. It has been an hour since I made that decision and I have started zero things. I went through the first few pages of this thread and haven't found anything yet but I'll go back and I just know some kind hero from the pre-Trump years will save my Saturday.

Well I just watched The Kindergarten Teacher. What a cute freaking kid, Maggie really sells crazy, and the ending was pretty damn funny. "You need to call 911" dddddd.

I dunno what I'll do next but it will involve Ben & Jerry's.
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Well, damn. It's great when a show lives up to the hype. Beef is a total triumph. Also, I can't be the only one who....

...thought the [batshit crazy] penultimate episode was the finale, right?
This Cleopatra documentary series is really bad.

Nothing at all to do with the skin colour of the actors but the shocking dialogue and a re-writing of history to make Cleopatra appear to be an altruistic leader. Also why is Alexandria in the desert?

What hold does Jaida Pinket have over Netflix? It’s 2 out of 2 for flops from her.
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I’ve binged Ozark the past few months and finally finished it. While I’m glad I watched and will forever stan the trinity of Wendy, Ruth, and Helen, that final episode was such a disappointment.

Did they really have to kill Ruth? Had the character not suffered enough? And what was the cheap car crash plot in which they all magically walk away unharmed and without going to the hospital? The show basically spun its wheels for season four and it kind of soured me on the show a bit. Also not buying the writers’ explanations for the deaths—I don’t think Ruth was wanting to be dead; by the end, she seemed thrilled to have a new beginning ahead, and she still had Five to think about. (I also find it strange that they went out on the press circuit after the finale to explain the gunshot ending; if you don’t want it to be ambiguous, then don’t write the ending with a fade-to-black.)

Give Laura Linney and Julia Garner all their flowers, but I hope the show’s not rewarded for writing this season.

All that said, still one of Netflix’s best and I’m sorry to see it go. I was just hoping for better execution of the finale. I don’t even mind the thematic ending for the show, just the series of “???” moments in the process of landing.