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Has anyone watched the last season of Never Have I Ever yet? Loved it!
I binged it all in one night. I'm really sad that it's over, but I did think that it wrapped things up well. As someone who had always shipped Devi and Ben, I was given the ending that I needed.

I did feel that they did Aneesa so dirty though, but I think that I read that Megan Suri had a scheduling conflict that prevented her from having a larger role in the series.
Finished the final season of Never Have I Ever last night. I am so gutted this show is over, it’s been one of my favourites over the past 4 years.

I really enjoyed the ending and Devi ended up with the right guy, they were always going to be end game!!! Again, the scenes with Devi and Nalini always tug at my heart strings. Maitreyi can CRY!

Again, shout out to all the male shirtlessness this season. Everyone and their grandma is now thirsting over Michael Cimino but I’m here to say I was here first, so back off thots!

Seriously though, I’m going to miss this show a lot. It’s probably the only show I’ve seen that’s depicted western south Asian culture with respect and nuance without making the people themselves the butt of the joke. I love that a show built around the life of a brown girl has become such a worldwide smash. I think I read yesterday that this season outstreamed the new Black Mirror?

Mindy Kaling gets a lot of unfair flack for her tv shows and the characters she writes. But she knocked it out of the park with NHIE.

I now need Maitreyi Ramakrishnan is go on to become an even bigger tv and movie star. She’s incredibly charming and charismatic on and off screen, it would be a criminal if she’s not booked for something else asap.
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The new series of I Think You Should Leave is so awkward, odd and hilarious. Just what we wanted. Please don't leave it another two years Tim Robinson (who I would very much like to mess around with)
Finished season 2 of Human Resources. A cute and stupid season that I enjoyed! I know I was gutted they were finishing it after only 2 seasons but I’m kinda glad they are now because it did feel like they were running out of stories (no matter how wacky) to write for the show. Will be interesting to see how they wrap up Big Mouth.
Does ‘Glamorous’ get any better because I’m 3/4 into episode one and it’s awful.
I’m four in and now keeping it on in the background (on 1.5x speed) just for the shirtless hunks. Not sure why we needed “Ugly Betty but make it cosmetics” in 2023 but there we are.
Though I do enjoy when the influencer from Jury Duty pops up.
The Telegraph wrote: “[Marco] makes Emily from Emily in Paris sound like Mrs Dalloway.” I need some aloe.
I saw a promo for Glamorous earlier and thought it looked terrible - thank you for the confirmation that I should stay clear. I’m so cynical when it comes to Netflix shows now because so much of it has been bad the past few years.
"I'm flopping harder than a Terminator sequel"

"He is flopping like a Katy Perry single"

"You'll sink quicker than a Kylie single in America"

These and the fact that the show feels like it's written by someone who has no idea what it's like to actually be queer. Or known anyone who is. Everything feels so over the top or extremely stereotypical.

No one here is likeable. Kim looks bored in every scene. This is sure to be cancelled, right?