Netflix recommendations

Just binged this and the whole thing is the definition of “suspend your belief”.
And she looks fabulous every damn time




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Does anyone know what the deal is with that 'don't share an account' thing?
On some days I randomly can still open my Netflix while on others there's the 'subscribe now/you're not part of this household' screen, and currently I'm not sure if I should just consider myself lucky on the days it works or whether I'm risking (my friend) a fine if I actually use it?
I think it’s not happening (yet) for all devices, my iPad is fine but get the sub now on my tv… You might be lucky and they would never fine their customers I think, haha imagine?!
Just finished Happiness for Beginners and I quite liked it in a “cozy movie for a quiet evening” kind of way. It feels like ages since I’ve seen Luke Grimes in anything so it was nice to have him here. Nico Santos basically just played the same character as Matteo in Superstore which was fine with me as he is iconic.
Is anyone watching The Devil's Plan? Because I am OBSESSED! Best reality show I've watched in ages. I want to say I prefer it to The Traitors.