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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. LiK


    Get into "Ozark"
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  2. Omg the identity of the Turd Burglar was everything I wanted and more.
  3. Binged You. On the last episode now.

    I really enjoyed it up until the last episode. I've not finished yet but am missing rooting for him as it reaches the climax.
  4. But the way she talks is one of the best things with the show? It’s so ridiculous and shows how fed up with everything she is. She’s basically on the verge of a mental breakdown the whole time. Even my Spanish speaking husband loved the way she talks and we were constantly laughing at her delivery of her lines.

    No need to say but I really enjoyed the show and I can’t wait for season two. I’m sad that Véronica Castro won’t be joining the cast for the next season though. Hopefully she can be convinced to do so by a real big raise or something.
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  5. Breaking Bad.
  6. Kath & Kim x
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  7. Are we meant to root for him? I felt the point was that it's the anti-Gossip Girl. It's meant to be dark and twisted.
  8. I don't know. I mean he was crazy, but I couldn't help but wish he'd got away with it for a bit longer.
  9. It's both a homage and a satire of a classic Telenovela, hence why they choose Veronica Castro as the mother, a classic telenovela actress with a lot of hits under her belt and pair her with a fresh take on mexican actors and very edgy themes on our country.

    It was her choice and to me a great one! It was hilarious, if you know a few old ladies from La Condesa I assure you will hear them talking like that and being shady like that too! It made me remember a lot of my grandma's friends haha.
  10. I got completely hooked on this French bonbon, Plan Coeur/The Hook-Up Plan, and binged it all in one night:

    Cute and lightweight? Yes. But since it's Never-Ending Cold and Drab January, sometimes that's all you need. A second season is reportedly already in the works.
  11. Paulina MADE La Casa De Las Flores for me. I finished the series over one and a half day. A woke queen.

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  12. American Vandal 2 has me so invested.
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  13. Relatable queen:

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  14. I started this and is exactly that, thanks! In LOVE with the Parisian scenery and also felt proud that I thought she was at Hôtel de Ville in the first few scenes and she said so it straight after. Parisian hunty confirmed.
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  15. I’m in the middle of House of Flowers. A perfect mix on campy telenovelas and Desperate Housewives. Paulina is an icon. LOVE IT!!
  16. The only thing I hated was the son being an obvious greedy pig bottom but also fucking girls...gurl wut. Me ages 20 - 30 teas.
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  17. Yea he was way out of line. Papi Diego deserved much better.
  18. Slashler season two has seems to have appeared on Netflix UK at last. I'm about half way through the first episode and the first (extremely gruesome) kill which at the moment seemed absolutely unnecessary. But I can see myself carrying on for at least a couple of episodes. It's very 2000s teen slasher story though so I'm worried the story is going to feel very cliche.
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  19. Save yourself the trouble, it’s awful.
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  20. I enjoyed it for what it was, for the most part.
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