Netflix recommendations


Is Flannigan doing anything new?

The Hauntings of Hill House and Bly Manor + Fall Of The House Of Usher have literally been the only series I have managed to finish (besides Drag Race) with my severe ADHD and general impatience with series. But he just crafts his stories so perfectly. I haven't watched Midnight Mass or The Midnight Club. Should I?
He’s acquired the rights to make a show of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series but think that’s going to be years away.
I loved the books. I have not got round to watching the 30 episode series for Chinese TV. I have watched one episode of the Netflix series, and it was a decent adaptation of the books. I feel it's worth watching a few more. Keep your subtitles on as there's a few scenes in Chinese.
I’d never heard of 3 Body Problem till I watched it on Netflix and thought it was amazing! I’m a fan and hope for more seasons. Probably one of the best series Netflix has had in a very long time.
I started it yesterday and already finished it. I'm usually not into movies/shows about aliens but I couldn't stop watching it. Maybe because the story is from a Chinese point of view rather than an American like I'm used to, but it felt a lot fresher and less predictable than most of the sci-fi stuff I've been exposed to.

I will say the first episode is pretty confusing, but if you can make it past episode one it gets great.
Can I Tell You A Secret?'s editing was absolutely camp but the level of destruction they caused was beyond comprehension. Just ghastly, and not a story I'd heard about before.
I binged 3 Body Problem this weekend and I enjoyed it, albeit it being too simplified at points. I miss when shows weren't that straightforward and made you wreck your head for heads only to make sense after a second/third watch a la Lost or Dark. There's no much room for speculation.
I have this weird OCD thing where if I commit to a series I have to watch the whole thing unless it truly is a stinker. I am intrigued by the premise but as someone else said, Weiss and Benioff burned me bad with Game of Thrones so I'll wait.