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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. This show is an absolute delight!

    (Warning: it WILL make you want to eat a lot of buttercream)
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  2. Like with Queer Eye, Nailed It needs more episodes like yesterday.
  3. I couldn't deal with looking at so much buttercream without eating any, so I made this


    This show is dangerous!
  4. Seven Seconds
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  5. jtm


    Huh, Ghost Wars on Netflix is surprisingly decent from episode 3 or 4 onwards. A terrific, heartbreaking performance by Meat Loaf (of all people) in one of the episodes. Starting with episode 5 (I think) it gets really scary.
  6. Nailed It needs a 22 episode 2nd season order right now. Loved every moment of season 1.
  7. Thank you for recommending this! My partner and I started it tonight and got through the first two episodes. It's so breezy and hilarious! Miss "Art Vongard" in episode 2 is an ICON.
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  8. If anyone watches anime films, In This Corner of the World made its way to Netflix recently and it'll leave you with a really strange mixture of feelings.

    Also, doesn't seem well-publicized, but Natalie Portman's new movie, Annihilation, is on Netflix now. Which is super weird because it's still in theaters.
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  9. Annihilation was only released in theaters in the US, where it is still playing. It was released directly on Netflix internationally.
  10. I realized this, tragically, when I went to watch it today and the video on the Netflix page barred me from playing it. Snow Day fail.
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  11. Australian Sci-Fi show "Glitch". I honestly couldn't believe how good this show was, I watched the whole thing in two days. So damn good!
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  12. This is going to be my next watch I think.

    Agreed with Vas on Seven Seconds. Really quite the emotional ride and great character development.

    I binge watched OITNB (lol) in a week and got up to Episode 7ish on season two and completely lost interest.
  13. Ghost Wars is no good baby, you should try something else.
  14. Try again.
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  15. They added new, classic episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3,000 yesssssss.
  16. Netflix Greece is fucked atm because before this year some greek channels had their shows so we have to wait for those deals to expire, OSTNB S5 is still NOT uploaded.
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  17. LPT


    A 6 part docu-series came out last week called Wild Wild Country. It's about a cult. Its brilliant.
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  18. I'm excited for Santa Clarita Diet S2 tomorrow. S1 gave me a good few laughs so hopefully S2 does the same.
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  19. Lady Dynamite is brilliant although it's been cancelled. Only 2 seasons and it's so batshit insane but it's hilarious.

    For UK people, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (I don't think it's ever aired over here). I know it's like 12 years old and there's like 130+ episodes but honestly, there's only one that I've ever been disappointed with. It's one of the most consistently funny and outrageous programmes I've ever watched. If anything, it's funnier now than when it started.

    I second the Big Mouth love, it's messed up and genius.

    Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency is great too. Completely off the wall but really well written. The second series was somehow even more bizarre and I loved it. (The boyfriend calls it Bent Gently).
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  20. Lady Dynamite and It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia I really don't like so there goes my chance to live with you @cleggar i guess.

    Big Mouth is amazing though.
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