Netflix recommendations

I enjoyed the first series though it lost me in a few places. The second is better. It's got a pretty unique sense of humour, so I get it not being for everyone. Sorry babes x

I like parts of it a lot but every time Dirk speaks I want to punch the screen. OK will try S2.
Currently enjoying a Flemish show called Tabula Rasa—if you like mysteries and/or a lead actress with memory issues, I recommend.

If you haven’t seen Crazy Ex-Girlfriend yet, I got hooked through Netflix.

The Fall... Gillian Anderson AND Jamie Dornan?! Yes.

Lovesick and Sensitive Skin were also enjoyable but not sure if they’re on Netflix around the world.
I'm only on episode 3 of season 1. I don't know any characters names yet outside of Don (mainly because they all look the same) and I don't think I care about anything going on but it's somehow quite compelling.

I‘m pretty sure Don Draper is a serial killer and the show is just not showing the murders.