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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. I just finished Killer Ratings - I didn't think it overstayed its welcome like the usual episodic documentaries on Netflix. This was nicely told, and paced well.

    I still do not know who to believe, but I do believe all of them are guilty someway, somewhow.

    That city in Brazil is really insane. Imagine living there in those conditions, I feel and fear for those who call that city their home.
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  2. come on people..... no one?
  3. Bonding is pretty good. It's only 7 (short) episodes, so you can watch it in a day and it's actually funny. It's about a girl who works as a dominatrix to pay university.
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  4. Yeah, it's been talked about a fair bit. Might even have it's own thread. It was great.
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  5. I was bored during the first ep and didn't bother continuing, but perhaps I should give it another shot. I really like Rightor Doyle who wrote it.
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  6. I have to see the last 2 episodes but I've really liked it so far!

    I'd say to keep on watching it. It's really short so it won't take weeks to finish it... Plus it has some funny moments and the relationships between the characters deepened (for what you can do with a 15 minutes episode)
  7. Yeah, try again. I wasn't bothered by episode 1 and then after that I sort of binged the rest.
  8. Just watch Bonding as a movie. I'm perched for the next season.

    Same with Special.
  9. I revisited Evangelion this week and it really is one of the best television shows ever. Muffy sis, the layers.
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  10. Seriously. I do a rewatch annually and it's such a brilliant look into mental illness even though I still don't know if that was what it was ever intended to be. Misato, man.....Hands down one of my favorite characters in anything ever.
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  11. Trinkets is great. Its even better than its high budget HBO cousin Euphoria. The first Gen Z show that doesnt try too hard to be edgy and shocking... it just really good.
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  12. I mean, mental illness...nihilism...jewish mysticism...the book of Genesis...psychoanalysis....there is so much to unpack.
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  13. I just want to watch Terrace House all day.
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  14. Holy shit, Gene in Instant Hotel Season 2 has managed to be even more awful than the entire cast of the first season.
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  15. Even Noah couldn't save Swiped. So bad.
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  16. I can't believe they've halved the length of Instant Hotel and now they don't get to review their guests. Way to ruin a show
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  17. I started watching Black Spot and it looks decent?
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  18. Second season coming 2020.

    I really enjoyed it, but fucking hell I was getting so angry watching the last episode. Also totally confused how the dog could be in New Ham and West Ham.
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  19. Yeah the last episode was so infuriating, but I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes from here. I need more Grizz.
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