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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Honestly, critics are doing the most with Witcher. Their main criticism is that it's "not as ____ as Game of Thrones" as though that show invented high fantasy or something. I'm a few episodes in and enjoying it. Needs more Cavill nudity though.
  2. Thanks for 3% I loved it! I don't get the twist with Gloria's character though. Hope there'll be a season 4.
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  3. Are they not dropping anything huge this week, or is The Witcher it? Bird Box was expertly timed last year for people being bored at home over Christmas and I figured it might become an annual thing considering how much it took over socials.
  4. Don't f*ck with Cats will be the talking pointm
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  5. I watched The Witcher's pilot and it was good. I am a bit confused though, I hope the next episodes will make the storyline a bit clearer.
  6. You Season 2 on Thursday is their big attraction.
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  7. Just watched the first episode of When They See Us, and I’m so mad.
  8. On that note, has it been completely snubbed by the Globes because of Huffman’s... troubles this year?
  9. jtm


    No, they either didn‘t pay or the HFPA forgot about it. The Globes TV nominations are a joke this year.
  10. Finished When They See Us, and I’m still mad. I just felt like crying through the whole thing thinking how none of it needed to happen.

    Could have done with a bit more justice being served to Felicity and Vera at the end, but all round a really brilliant dramatisation of the story.
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  11. It's on Amazon Prime rather than Netflix, but Malcolm In The Middle holds up so well. They punch up rather than down with the humour, and there's none of the gay/trans panic (from what I've seen anyway) that was in so many sitcoms in the 90s and 00s
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  12. Its definitely a favorite of mine. I rewatched it last year and it still holds up. I think it has aged well compared to other comedies that aired around that time too. Though, I might have missed some since I was working while I was rewatching it.
  13. Is anybody watching Spinning Out starring the queen herself Kaya Scodelario?
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  14. Anybody tried Messiah yet? I’m gunna start it, looks very Homeland CIA style which I love! Seems to have been added today or yesterday!
  15. I’ve done 9 of 10 episodes so far and loved every second!
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  16. I rushed through the first 6 episodes. It’s silly, soapy, predictable, and completely ridiculous....and I can’t get enough. January Jones as the drunk, mentally ill stage mother is everything I need.
  17. It’s not new, but I’m enjoying Insatiable. It’s kind of terrible, in a John Waters way, but I’m assuming that’s intentional. The show could be funnier and better though.

    Again, although not new, I enjoyed season 1 of The Society. I started off confused as hell because all the actors looked and acted the same to me. I was on episode 6 before I began to recognise them! Add to this the strange move of killing of what I assumed was a principal character in episode 3 and some pretty dodgy acting all round. Still, it became addictive and I’m up for season 2.

    Worst Netflix show I’ve seen recently was Daybreak. Managed 4 episodes before having to give it up. It’s not a massive surprise that there’ll be no season 2..
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    Really enjoyed Messiah, binged it in two days, can’t recommend it enough.
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  19. I’m starting this today, heard it’s great and addictive.
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  20. May add Messiah to my watch list.
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