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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Just watched episode 1 of Safe and it was good.
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  2. It feels like it’s one of those “From the makers of Bad Girls and Footballer’s Wives” mid-00’s dramas we deserved more of.
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  3. Haha indeed. Also a bit Desperate Housewives too I thought? With the ending and everyone's 'secrets'.
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  4. So just finished SAFE and wow what a twist!
  5. Everyone go watch La Mante. You're welcome.
  6. I'm loving the first episode of Safe. It's sooo early 2000s ITV drama. And with the iconic Amber Gates starring too!
  7. Is that Lailla Rouass? Hahah she’s just as fab in this bringing the extraness
  8. pdf


    Safe was NOT worth the effort
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  9. I enjoyed it.
    I felt like I knew what was coming though and some of the subplots seemed a bit pointless.
  10. I am now at the second episode of Safe. It seems interesting.
  11. I haven't found a new show to binge on Netflix since Mindhunter. Maybe it's me, but Netflix is starting to feel very "fast-fashion." Lots of stuff that has the appearance of being interesting but is based on better things, or wears out real fast.

    Or maybe there's just nothing here appealing to me for this long stretch of months. I'm almost done trying to figure it out and about to just go back to a Sopranos rewatch or something.
  12. Michael C Hall’s “English” accent in Safe though...
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  13. The Toys That Made Us documentary series is pretty good. Season 2 is now on Netflix!
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  14. I loved the first season!! Ready to binge season 2.
  15. I've fallen back into the Bake Off rabbit hole.
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  16. I wish there were more classics on Netflix. I love watching older movies from the '30s, '40s, '50s, and '60s and there's literally nothing on Netflix. And I'm in Canada, so can't access Hulu.
  17. Have you tried FilmStruck? It's got some awesome classic films, teebs. If you're a Criterion Collection fan at all, it's absolutely essential.
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  18. I wish. Sadly not accessible to Canadian's. We Canadians get the shit end of the stick.
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  19. Just finished Safe. It was all right. Kind of disappointing based on the furore I'd seen about its ending, though. Definitely in the 'Pedestrian mystery obfuscated by making everyone look suspicious and keeping the bulk of the relevant clues till the end' vein of plotting.
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  20. Just spent the weekend getting sucked into The Keepers.

    I wouldn’t say I enjoyed it per say as the subject matter can be very hard viewing at times but it’s addictive, well put together and gives a voice to many victims that haven’t as of yet had their chance to be heard.
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