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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Rewatching The Haunting of Hill House for at least the fifth time and I’m beginning to realise that it is my perfect series.

    It has everything that I love: terrifying imagery, hidden scares to look and rewind for, Easter eggs that reward a rewatch (just noticed Carla’s character saying ‘very funny’ at the suggestion of Luke being in the treehouse, way back in the first episode, the payoff for which doesn’t occur until the finale).
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  2. I put the first episode of The Stranger on at lunchtime to see how it was and now 8 hours later here I am on the final episode.
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  3. Also without these teams... a certain someone wouldn't have made it past episode one.
  4. Is anyone else watching (or hate watching) Family Reunion? LOVE Loretta Devine and the themes the show touches on, but the acting of some of the younger cast is not the tea.

    That aside, I'm still happily watching it as I wash evening dishes, etc.
  5. Everything but the ending is a masterpiece for me. Miss Flanagan really did that.
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  6. aux


    Mike Flanagan is that bitch. Oculus is one of my favourites from him.
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  7. I managed 4 episodes of The Stranger last night and I cannot wait to get in from work tonight to watch the last 4, it's so so good!
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  8. If anybody likes dramas that take place in actual history, I found Versailles VERY good. It's only 3 seasons, but I binged the first two seasons extremely fast when I first discovered it. Obviously about Louis XIV and the physical building of the palace of Versailles. Warning for the older folks, do not have it on if you've got kids around!...kinda Tudors-ish if you've seen that.
  9. I thought the series dragged towards the end.

    And I usually like Ms Flanagan’s output.
  10. Anyone else watched Ares? The first two episodes were kinda lame, not really sure if I should finish it.

    Also.. thoughts on Bonding?
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  11. Yes! I actually told my brother to try and watch Safe as a result of him loving this. It’s such a good series and I like how it ended very much
    I love how it’s just one series and no chance of season 2

    Also watching Next In Fashion and quite enjoying it although the working in pairs thing is a bit odd to me? As there is only one winner so weird to have them in pairs for (I’m upto ep4) even this far in..
  12. Has anyone else watched Uncut Gems? It's Adam Sandler in a non-comedy role (the first I've seen him in). The first 15 minutes felt like quite a slog - everything was really noisy and I found it hard to stay focused. But then everything settled down and I really enjoyed it. It was tense, Adam's character was sympathetic (to a point) and Julia Fox was incredible. I'd never seen her in anything before and there was something so captivating about her,
  13. Watched it last night - I agree the first section was a bit too much - extremely well acted, edited and directed, but I was praying it wasn't going to be like that all the way through. It certainly didn't have any breathing room after that, but at least the score and editing calmed down and developed into actual scenes. I thought it was great, very surprised now that Adam wasn't nominated. I'd agree about Julia Fox too she was brilliant.
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  14. So much on Netflix right now. It's having a golden mini era.

    Regarding Next in Fashion - what am I missing with that pink dress in Episode 1? I hated it
  15. I really enjoyed Next in Fashion although I do think having teams with some people being friends from before and others not is a bit weird and not entirely fair.

    But I liked the overall vibe of the show and how supportive the judges were. Project Runway could be so harsh and this felt much more friendly, encouraging and respectful of the contestants and their talent.
  16. Just finished the first four episodes of the stranger. This is the type of trashy soapy dramas I absolutely live for. Love that it's only 8 episodes too these type of series can drag on way too long sometimes. Can Netflix just adapt all of his books.
  17. OK, redacting the above... I am loving this! A family sitcom with heart and unapologetically set in the 21st century.
  18. Absolutely loved Next In Fashion and I hope it gets multiple seasons.

    The quality of the work was pretty much world class, and I like that it didn't try and squeeze drama into every episode if it didn't need it. It was just really talented people making great work.

    It's also made me realise I need better fitting clothes and made me want to go and splurge on some cute new stuff so at least Net a Porter has done its job ddd.
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  19. I really enjoyed The Stranger. Does anybody have any similar recommendations (on Netflix or otherwise). I’ve already seen Safe.
  20. Binge-watched the new Brazilian dystopian sci-fi show Omniscient which has to be one of the most stylish foreign shows on Netflix yet. My favorite thing about Netflix has to be how they give the budget and exposure to all these international filmmakers to go wild with their passion projects and it really shows.
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