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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. I bingewatched Control Z yesterday. It’s another teenagesort of Pretty Little Liars-y series, but it entertained me and I didn’t stop it until I saw how it would end.
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  2. The Lovebirds was so fuckin funny and cute!!
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  3. A little?

    Sweet Magnolias is pretty terrible. And I love it, it's just what the doctor ordered.
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  4. It’s like she’s not really sure where she is. I cringed.
  5. Lots of the stuff that is showing on my coming soon is already on HayU. Are they merging the two together?
  6. Just finished it and I have a lot of... Feelings.
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  7. It was ridiculous and quite dumb....but damn if it wasn’t sweet, and made me laugh a lot. Issa & Kumail are just so charming, and had such delightful chemistry. Perfect streaming film; don’t think I would have loved it as much in theaters.
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  8. I'm watching The Lovebirds now because I needed something to cheer me up after the all the #CumGate from this weekend. And it's working.

    I'm chortling as I type.
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  9. Ha, it was definitely I lot but I must admit it entertained me on Saturday so I won't complain that much. I expected trash teen entertainment and sort of got it...
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  10. I’m watching White Lines and why are all the characters so desperately annoying.
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  11. More importantly, why are all the Mancunian ones not Mancunian?
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  12. Oh god Laurence Fox has popped up in episode 4, I think I’m done.
  13. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I didn't care much for The Lovebirds. Issa is an insanely talented comedic actress and I feel like she deserves better. I felt the same with her movie Little from last year with Regina King.

    It'd be nice if she could find a comedy that she gets to enhance instead of having to carry on her back.
  14. Anybody tried Snowpiercer yet?
  15. The movie or the TV show?
  16. The tv show (I loved the film).
  17. I watched the first episode - after watching the film a week prior - and it felt like such a massive downgrade. Jennifer Connolly is fantastic, but I wasn’t interested in the murder procedural storyline and the aesthetics felt very ‘basic cable’ in the worst way.
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  18. The TV show is on Netflix?!
  19. In the UK yes
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  20. I really liked Lovebirds as well. Issa is incredible, I'm obsessed.
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