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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. I have just finished watching episode 8 of the Snowpiercer and i gotta say, poor all these other actors that share a scene with Jennifer Connelly. She totally steals every scene she is in.
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  2. I’m watching Down to Earth with Zac Efron and it’s a little...pointless. Like I get it’s about sustainable solutions but it’s basically just a vehicle to demonstrate his “bro” behaviour and honestly he’s just not charismatic enough to be interesting. He fills out a t shirt well though.
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    Come join the club, beware of spoilers though you only have two episodes left (and they are wonderful)
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  4. The husband on episode 2 of Unsolved Mysteries... Wow, what a psychopath. The way he treated her remains felt like he was treating them almost like a trophy. I feel sick.
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  5. He


    It's basically Goop for bros: misinformed, pseudoscience lifestyle bs.
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  6. I'm obsessed with Indian Matchmaker, so I'm glad some of y'all are watching it too.

    Aparna is a monster. I'm getting big sorority sister vibes. She has no idea what she wants out of life. I stan her sister (her white husband kii) though. Nadia, meanwhile, is an under-appreciated queen!!
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  7. It has recently come to my attention that Love on the Spectrum is my new obsessìön.
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  8. Has anyone been noticing that the homepage algorithm has been really weak recently. I feel like they keep recommending content I have watched and the pool of titles is really small.
  9. Yeah, it's honestly better to type in the type of movie you want to watch into the search, or type in a movie you want to watch something similar too and get recommendations that way.
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  10. I just started watching White Lines and i'm loving it!
    Just finished episode 2 and this was the highlight for me.
    Takes me back to 2000 and good trance music! Also the soundtrack and this song are done by Junkie XL.

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  11. jtm


    How did you like it in the end? I was honestly surprised that it ended up being one of my favorite movies I‘ve seen all year.
  12. I'm of two minds about this - it's well-made and I'm sure well-intentioned, but the jaunty oh-look-at-them-being-funny-and-awkward music under the date scenes rub me the wrong way and give me a bit of freak show vibes. Just me, probably, but still. (I realise it must be nearly impossible to get shows like these right.)
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  13. He


    Yes, there is a tone that sometimes doesn't feel right. Same when they show neurotypical people as if to contrast their realities (like in the Japanese restaurant)... it feels off.

    However, I think the pros seem to outweigh the cons, and it's a great step in representation.

    This article elaborates pretty well on it.

    The Promise—and Pitfalls—of Netflix's New Reality Dating Show for Autistic People
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  14. MB


    Not sure if it’s been mentioned in here but Kingdom is a great watch. 3 seasons. About family / drugs / sex / fighting and a gay Nick Jonas on grindr.
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  15. 3% is coming back for its fourth and final season this week. Enjoyed most of it, it was simultaneously so refreshing and cliched.
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  16. Its a nice show except for the end cause of course they went there.
  17. I've really enjoyed that show. A few episodes seem to miss the mark now and again but overall it's been a really fun show.
  18. I'm halfway through Dirty John: Betty Broderick and whew Amanda Peet is serving a delicious camp performance.
  19. I recently finished Dead To Me and I am now slightly obsessed. Loved it. What a great pairing Judy and Jen/Christina and Linda are.
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  20. I’ve finished my 6 season rewatch of Glee (did it in 33 days!) so now I’m back to watching the stuff that’s been sitting on my list for a month. I’m so excited to begin Un-Well!
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