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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Is anyone watching the Spanish show La Valla/The Barrier on Netflix? It's pretty good ... It's a mix of Handmaid's Tale and Contagion.
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  2. I would rather not. In my country I do not have Hulu or Amazon Prime so discussion about series is only interesting for people who have availability for that streaming site. Please keep them separated.
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  3. Yes I only have Netflix and it could get messy, why not start an Amazon Prime thread? It's already messy with 20% of stuff mentioned here not being available on Netflix Greece (mainly bcause some older shows have prior contracts with Greek on demand platforms or).
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  4. How is the season 2 of Unsolved Mysteries girls? I have finished the first episode and it did not grip me like the ones in the first one.
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  5. I found the first season a bit more compelling but it’s still quite good. Episode 2 was a highlight for me.
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  6. I was always under the impression non-Netflix streaming stuff was to be discussed here:

    At least, that’s what I use it for. I get more annoyed that every Netflix project (even before they premiere) gets its own thread when most of it can just be consolidated here...until they become as big as Unsolved Mysteries or Tiger King and actually warrant an individual thread.
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  7. About Unsolved Mysteries episode 2 of season 2

    i totally expected the reporter was gonna say “and her body wasn’t there” when they dug the grave. The case is so interesting as there is a double mystery.

    The hotels management is so shitty as well. Like how could they let her signing in without showing an id and how did that security guard left the scene after he heard a fucking gunshot? Like what the hell
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  8. I just watched Rebecca - outside of the middle part wish was lagging a bit it was great?
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  9. Only watched the first episode so far but The Queen's Gambit seems extremely promising. 7 part limited series released on Friday about an orphaned girl who develops a prodigious ability for playing chess. Stylish, great performances, good mix of the serious and light-hearted. Eager to see more.
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  10. Has anyone watched "I'm thinking of ending things"?
    The only other Charlie Kaufman film i've seen is Anomolisa (I know, I need to watch Eternal Sunshine, don't yell at me!)

    I'm assuming it's good?
  11. 3 Non Blondes is on Netflix now I see. I use to howl at that show! Tameka is particularly funny
  12. I binge watched all 4 series of Workin' Moms and really enjoyed it. I don't know if I've just been living under a rock but I'd never even heard of it until recently.
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  13. I've been watching this and it's still so, so funny.
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  14. I eventually watched The Boys In the Band.

    Everytime I see Zachary Quinto onscreen:

  15. I've just started The Umbrella Academy, it's not the type of thing I'd usually go for but I'm liking it enough so far. I don't find the desire to binge it for hours at a time though, which is disappointing as that's what I wanna do.
  16. It was mainly because other posters were mentioning non-Netflix stuff that I suggested it. I wasn’t aware of another thread as this one is always the most prolific.
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  17. The second season is much better and much more bingeable. They really fixed most of the problems of the first season, especially the humor which used to be a bit cringey.
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  18. It exists.
  19. Rebecca was fine. Too gimmicky. Deviated from the ending of the book too much.
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  20. Watching ‘Holidate’ movie with Emma Roberts. Very predictable but easy watching.
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