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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. It's that time of year when I'm suddenly being recommended all the new Christmas releases by the algorithm. Thanks for the "Holidate" review!
  2. Has anyone watched The I-Land?
  3. The Grinch has been in the top ten UK films since the start of October...
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  4. I’ve never bought it. I feel like it’s entirely rigged to whatever Netflix feels like promoting/whatever studios are paying them to promote.
  5. Doesn't that make complete sense though? Views on streaming services are heavily reliant upon discoverability. If Netflix is pushing a show hard when you login then it's inevitably going to get more views, if only out of curiosity, than a show that isn't pushed in your face on launch. I wouldn't be surprised if the top 10 is based on the flimsy metrics like 'people who watched one episode for five minutes' that they seem to love.
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  6. Oh it makes complete sense from a business/promotional purpose. I just don’t think it’s at all reflective of what’s actually popular on the platform, which seems to be the common perception.
  7. I mean it's cliched as anything but you can pop it on and check your phone throughout and not really miss anything. The lead guy is sexy...

    ..and it's a sweet romcom that leaves you feeling nice by the end.
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  8. Yeah, I think the top tens are real but they’re probably based on the same thing that Netflix base their viewcounts on... a user watching 2 minutes of an episode.
  9. The Rebecca remake was a snoozefest. It doesn't help that it stars charisma vacuums Lily James and Arm and Hamer. I have yet to see a compelling performance from this guy and yes I've seen Call Me By Your Name.
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  10. I'm getting irrationally upset that no-one I know is watching The Queen's Gambit. It's fabulous and looks a million dollars so I'm just going to assume it's because it's about a girl playing chess and that puts people off. It's probably a top 5 Netflix original for me, or would be if I could even remember all the Netflix Originals I've watched over the years at this point.
  11. Rob


    I was extremely excited when I watched the trailer and read the synopsis but then I couldn't even finish the first episode. The acting is beyond embarrassing.
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  12. I'm about to finish the first episode and it's looking really good. Also the score's really effective. Looking forward to the next episodes.
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  13. Anyone been watching this? It’s really good so far and I love how dark and gruesome it is haha

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  14. Holidate is cute, I love Emma Roberts even though she is pretty one dimensional
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  15. I love Michelle Buteau. So happy to see her land a Netflix special. If you haven't seen her "talk show" / podcast from WNYC, Late Night Whenever, it is a treat. Especially her opening monologues.

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  16. The Queen's Gambit is incredible.
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  17. I’ve just watched American Murder. It was
    kinda obvious that it was the husband from the start
    but my god the access to footage.

    Imagine if someone told you your next Instagram live would be used to have you narrate your own disappearance documentary.
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  18. I'm really disappointed that Away has been cancelled. I thought it was excellent.
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  19. I hate my voice so I don't think anyone would be able to find a single video of me anywhere speaking, so at least there's that. But yeah, the way they showed her life through facebook videos made the whole thing even more chilling.

    In other Netflix news, loving the Queens Gambit. Didn't think it was my thing and it's a *little* cliche at times, but still really good.
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  20. The un-edited police body-cam footage was on YouTube for ages. I remember watching it last year and being shook.
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