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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. I realize this has already been addressed, but wanted to point out that in this particular case you could discuss Parasite in the Oscar Bait thread(s). It's the Best Picture winner from last awards season and not really related to Amazon.
  2. So I am a complete flop and have only started watching Volume 2 of Unsolved Mysteries this past weekend.

    With regards to episode one, I feel like he was killed off by someone. The fact that he worked for the government and within cyber security leads me to think he either stumbled across something or was implicated in something. I don’t know why the two guys who he met in the drug store weren’t questioned?! The way the CCTV footage showed him to be stumbling across the street made me think he was drugged or something before the attack?
  3. Can you blame them?
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  4. I am watching Wild Wild Country and i screamed at Sheela saying she fell in love with him once she saw his hairy chest.
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  5. I have waited 15 fucking years to rewatch Girlfriends!!!

    But I am seriously excited about Girlfriends, it's amazing.
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  7. Oh my fucking god. Girlfriends finally on a U.K streaming service?


    Hopefully The Parkers is next.
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  8. I didn't think about watching it until somebody I know highly recommended it. And I'm glad I listend because it's absolutely incredible! Definitely the only Netflix Original I would consider watching again...
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  9. Tough titties never fails to make me chuckle. Sheela deserves her own show.
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  10. Her buying Antelope. Stunt queen!!!
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  11. Oooh I got way more excited than I thought I'd be when I saw Sister Sister was available to stream. Literally watched this to death on Nickelodeon in the 90s.

    Can't wait to revisit the legend that is Lisa Landry

    And let's not forget the iconic Rhonda Coley


    The ep where she and Tamera run for Class President was my all time fave.
  12. I am devouring Sister Sister. I expected it to be some nostalgic fun that I'd get bored of quickly but actually it's pretty much holding up. Sitcome cliches and wholesomeness aside, it's funny and Jackeé Harry is ICONIC. Also as a kid watching, I couldn't appreciate the blackness it was subtly celebrating. I'm only on the first season so intrigued(can't remember) if they do any 'in a very special episode' ones regarding racism.

    Also a young Brittany Murphy popping up as a recurring in season 1, what a bittersweet surprise! Excited for Gabrielle Union and eternal teen Bianca Lawson to turn up later (along with Mr. Tina Knowles)
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  13. I'm shocked that CBS created a show called EVIL (Now streaming on Netflix) and that nobody is talking about it. Excellent acting and fantastic cast!

    I gagged when I saw this :
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  14. Amazing. This looks right up my street!!

    It’s not on UK Netflix but the Alibi channel are airing it over here for fellow Brits.

    Thanks soo much for recommending!
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  15. YES
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  16. Is anyone else watching Grand Army?

    I can't stop thinking it tries to emulate Euphoria's appeal but the storylines are too overwrought
  17. I just finished the new true crime mini series ‘Carmel’ which was pretty gripping.
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