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Netflix recommendations

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by pdf, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. I’m still halfway through, but it’s pretty good isn’t it? The whole story is really dark and all the protagonists are interesting.
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  2. Holidate was a really cute romantic comedy.
    Haven't seen one in ages! And it did help that Luke Bracey is quite charming.
  3. Currently binging both Dawson’s Creek and Sister Sister like i’m 12 again!
  4. We love Tia and Tamera, but lets be honest - it was Jackee's show.
  5. Is anyone here watching Somebody Feed Phil?

    Such a breezy, feelgood food show.
  6. Holidate was so stupid, mindless, and predictable with two insufferable lead characters. A complete Christmas cheesefest, and I absolutely adored it!

    I’m also about 1/3 of the way into Sister, Sister Season 1. It’s honestly as fun as I remember.
  7. I loved Holidate. Emma and Luke just oozed chemistry together.

    Operation Christmas Drop was also good, cheesy fun. Kat Graham needs to be in more and the film did not feature enough Alexander Ludwig wearing less.

    Cant wait for Tuesday as the reviews for Dash & Lily are glowing! Netflix is really knocking it out of the park with its Holiday content this year.
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  8. Greek Netflix not uploading Moesha, Sister Sister or Girlfriends... I hate it here.
    Are they up in other yt European countries like?
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  9. Holidate was so great and Luke showing more and more skin as the movie progressed made me crave a white Christmas.
  10. La Valla's fucking fantastic. We watched it in two weeks (which, for me, is a one of a kind kinda thing, as I'm mentally unable to binge-watch anything) and were extremely impressed with the whole thing. Ticks all the right boxes.

    One of my favourite comedies in years. Catherine Reitman's a fucking genius.
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  11. I binged Dash & Lily yesterday and it was perfect cheesy teen holiday schmaltz.

    I wish the episodes were a little longer than 28 minutes but for being short they are well written and fleshed out.
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  12. Anyone hate-watching You Me Her too?
    It's terrible yet...

    We were watching episode three and I turn to my boyfriend and say 'this show feels... Canadian' so I screamed when I read it is an american-canadian production.

    Also Banks is INCREDIBLE in it?
    I didn't know she acted too.
  13. I have and it really wasn't it. Dom's character was well played though and I'm hoping to see the actress in other things too.
  14. Got through all of Dash & Lily yesterday, and as mentioned, it’s exactly the delightful slice of teen cheese I hoped for. I wish I had waited a month to watch it because was all a tad TOO Christmas-y for mid-November, but I couldn’t stop once I’d started. The performances are winning, the writing is heartfelt, and I found myself in tears by the end.
  15. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I'll third the Dash & Lily love.
    It's adorable. Also something very Ugly Betty about the Lily bits?
  16. Oh, I really enjoyed Dash & Lily as well. Great performances, heartfelt, and the supporting cast were wonderful too.
  17. I'm pacing myself with Dash & Lily and I'm absolutely loving it. The warmest, most lovely show that I really needed - it's also made me really want to get back to NYC. I've been reading the book and it's a very faithful adaptation.
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    Mvnl Staff Member

    Would you say reading the book after seeing/loving the show is still worth it?
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  19. I binged Queens Gambit over the last couple of days and can't stop thinking about it. It was so good! The acting, the dialog, the setting, the lighting, the music... just everything.

    I would have liked Dash & Lily a bit more if it wouldn't have been yet another show about rich teens and their hard lifes... I always wonder why writers for teen shows decide to go that direction instead of having characters who are coming from a normal working class background. The arc with the Brazilian ex girlfriend who has traveld the world and with whom Dash had a complicated history with also felt a bit too Gossip Girl to me. The two leads did a wonderful job nevertheless.

    Both shows had the trope of the Black friend who swoops in to rescue the White protagonist which really suprised me. You'd think that creators are more aware of these tropes nowadays.
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  20. I've only watched the first two episodes so far so can't compare if the book differs massively as it goes on but as it starts it's beyond faithful - only some real twists on the dares and a bit of a deeper knowledge of the characters from their internal voice. I'd just say that it's such a light and lovely read (much like the show) that if you enjoyed the show it's a nice companion piece, however if you are looking for more from the book than the show gave then I doubt you'll find it based on what I've watched.
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