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Netflix's OZARK

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by HorseTears, Jan 10, 2020.

  1. Yeah I had the notification on Netflix for a few months, weird. I’m finished it now anyway, what a cliffhanger!
  2. I loved these 7 episodes. Everything has the feeling of racing towards conclusion, and I'm perched to see how it all plays out. Laura Linney's heel turn is fun to watch.

    Needs to be said again how incredible Julia Garner is. I'd go as far as to say her portrayal of Ruth Langmore is one of my favorite performances by an actress. Every scene she's in covers so much emotional ground. I'm going to miss her!
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  3. Garner really is the star of the show! All the main actors are great but she steals every scene that she’s in. She’s so quotable.
    Another great season so far. The body count is rising and it’s anyone guess who will end up alive by the end of the series.
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  4. Julie Garner is incredible, but it's literal homophobia to suggest that anyone but Laura Linney is the star of the show.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this season, but even though there were tons of crazy twists and turns that the Byrds had to navigate, somehow, everything felt less... menacing than it did in prior seasons. The consequences didn't feel as dire. I think perhaps some of the inherent... silliness and soapiness of some of these season 4 plots might have undercut the show's atmosphere. Maybe too many layers of the onion were peeled back. It was still entertaining as hell and acted to near perfection by everyone.
  5. I just started this a few weeks ago and have binged my way through to the almost-end of S2.

    Ruth is amazing. I'm nervous every week for her survival.

    And Laura Linney remains a queen.
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  6. I’m just 1 episode into the final season.
    Not only am I in awe of the master class in directing, writing and a talented cast. But I am GAGGED at how I just clocked that the main purpose of this show was to set up this showdown between Ruth and Wendy. The eviscerating monologue that Ruth gave…………….just wow!
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  7. Sam


    Well I’ve just finished it and I’m bawling. What a way to end the series. I love this fucking show.

    RIP Ruth. I wanted her to come out on top. What a fucking icon.
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  8. The finale left me ‘meh’ because of that.

    The last part of the season started out with a bang but petered out towards the end. Regardless, a great show and one of the best things to come out of Netflix.
  9. I just watched all of the final season. I thought the final episode was a bit of a let down/rushed. Sad the show is over now.
  10. Sam


    Yeah, the second half of the season definitely seemed to lose some of the pace and the urgency from the first half.
  11. I don’t remember anything about how this ended dd. Old!
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  12. Hours after letting the final episodes sit with me, that final sequence really sticks with. It’s the culmination of all the Byrds doings in the past few years. Sort of terrifying if you think of it. I would welcome a spin-off if it happens in a few years.
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  13. Not gonna lie. That ending made me gasp.

    Marty slightly smiling proudly as Jonah shoots the P.I.? Nice acknowledgment that he was just as dark as Wendy.
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  14. I thought this season had 16 episodes not 14, so I was NOT ready for it to end like that!
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  15. Left me cold. But this show has never pandered to happy outcomes so not a surprise.
  16. One of the best things about the final season is Ruth’s iconic playlist. What a legend.
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  17. I’ve loved this show but there was a lot left to be desired by the finale.

    Ruth’s death just felt completely unnecessary. It didn’t feel like a natural arc for her character. Wendy or Marty dying would have been more satisfying.

    Camilla killing her made so little sense considering we’d just seen her brother get killed on her orders, in order to assume control of the cartel. If she’s willing to kill her own family members to make the arrangement with the FBI work, why on Earth would she put the operation at risk by killing Ruth? Like… I understand the revenge angle, but her other actions made it not so believable.

    Ruth’s and the Byrdes’ stories both ending separately, in separate showdowns with recently-added characters wasn’t great.

    Super fucking weird editing choices. The slow motion gunshot killing Ruth, the cheesy cut to black followed by a gunshot at the end… neither worked for me.

    Jonah’s complete 180, potentially killing a cop / private investigator after being estranged from the family for so long. There’s a nice symmetry to moments in earlier seasons, but I just didn’t believe it for his character.

    Related to both the above points… the weird ambiguity the ending tried to imply? Like, why should we be left wondering who Jonah shot? What does it add? Someone on Pop Culture Happy Hour pointed out that the only reason it’s unclear is because the character motivations and changes of allegiance are all over the place, so you’re just left in limbo and no way to rationalise what happened.

    THAT SAID, I have enjoyed the ride and Laura Linney acted her tits off in this season. I hope she finally gets the award recognition she deserves for the role. Wendy was everything I wanted Skyler White to become!
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  18. This is so much better than I thought it’d be. I’m hooked. It’s completely over the top and nonsensical but what a thrilling ride and competent allegory of nuclear family in the contemporary United States. I feel like it does everything The Americans thought it did.
  19. So I’ve just finished this!
    Ruth dying was ridiculous! She was finally getting her shit together I wanted her to live!
    I thought we we’re heading to a Marty kills Wendy finale a few episodes before when he was getting wound up with her and she was becoming even more twisted. I would have preferred that.

    Also in relation to the show in general, the casting was amazing! Helen is fucking CHILLING!!!
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