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Netherlands in Eurovision

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by WoW73, May 11, 2022.

  1. Where's the love for Ding-a-Dong?
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  2. That faded away after the lead singer started miming the song (1975 vocals!!) at every Eurovision event here since 2019....
  3. An amazing feat the Netherlands had was to send in the first person of colour. In 1966 Milly Scott from Surinamese origin represented the Netherlands with Fernando en Filippo. She placed 15th out of 18.

    In 2021 it was the first time a language originating from South-America was entered as Sranan Tongo was featured in Jeangu MacRooy's Birth of A New Age. It wasn't the first time for Latin-America as Antillian Creole was entered by France in 1992.

  4. Although everywhere I can find describes her as 'Indonesian-born Dutch', I think the first was actually Netherland's 1964 entrant Anneke Grönloh.
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  5. I’m surprised no one has mentioned Ik hou van jou… I thought it was a Eurofan major favourite.

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  6. I remember being SO disappointed when Sieneke was selected to represent us. Then I decided to throw myself behind her ironically to save the year. Then I went from hate-loving the song to actually loving it and now I developed a weak spot for her. Her videos (and lyrics) are iconic.

    In this song she begs her lover to lie better and deceive her more effectively:

    This is her ode to wine, which includes the lyric alle druiven hangen niet meer aan een stok, zitten in een fles en wachten op een slok ("all the grapes are no longer on the branch, they're in a bottle, waiting for a sip"):

    Then there is this schlager I Will Survive banger in which she wonders what she did wrong in her relationship ("Was the food too cold? Did I do something wrong?") before feeling empowered and throwing him out:

    This is her reflection on COVID times, in which she lists the things she missed most during lockdowns etc.:

    You're welcome!
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  7. But then we would never have this!!

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  8. I never knew this!
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  9. I have to admit, I was expecting a top ten placement for our girl s10, as she did an mazing job last night, but hey, 11th in the grand final and 2nd in the semi final, well done!!

  10. They Destiny'd her by ignoring her success in the semi and gave her a terrible position in the running order. Thrilled to see a left-hand finish regardless, especially with so much competition.
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  11. How is putting her 11th Destinying her? It's almost as late as they could put it. Also they don't know the semi results when they choose the order.
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  12. Two of the bookies' top four drew first half, they put Netherlands in-between those two songs. Being later in the half isn't innately good if you cluster favourites together.
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  13. It was a complete contrast though. Not fishing in the same pond. And it could've just got forgotten placed earlier. 11th place was about par for the course in the end. They could've made so much more of the staging.
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  14. This thread made me loop De Diepte over and over again. God, what a beautiful piece of art. I'm speechless.

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