clockworknovak said:
Apn, where did that original image come from? Is it just a sketch of yours?

I found it online somewhere, it's not my work. I fell in love immediately the first time I saw it, on deviantART I think.
Let us sing here for a new beginning
You know that now
Water fills her lungs and she’s inhaling
You feel that now
Underneath the stars her body’s sinking
You do that now
A heavy sigh and not a sound.
I'm getting myself psyched up for Britney by putting up my concept for her album artwork.

Dunno if I like it or not.

Actually, I love it. I wish it was the real artwork.
Well, my sophisticated black and white Adele avatar added a touch of the class to proceedings but a PVC-clad Crayola-blonde GaGa choming the head off a Pink Panther doll isn't without its own special charm.
They're not typically Popjustice, but with The Civil Wars' debut album Barton Hollow being my most anticipated of 2011, the cover will be perfectly fine for now.