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New Edition (and solo acts within group)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by torontodj, Jan 27, 2017.

  1. Did anybody watch the BET miniseries? I thought they did a fantastic job. It wasn't perfect, and we didn't get to learn about some of the members (ie. Johnny Gill) but I thought it was very enjoyable. I loved how they got the look of each era (save for the comeback Home Again era) down pat. Recreating the "If It Isn't Love" video was genius.

    I forgot what a great group they were. They seemed to have a stop-and-start run. Every time they gained momentum, something would happen to slow them down again (ie. Bobby Brown's departure, long breaks, etc.).

    Heart Break is such an amazing album.

  2. Haven't started watching yet. Wasn't it a 3 parter?
  3. "If It Isn't Love" video look is essentially ACNE 2011 - Top Man 2013 - Bershka 2015 so they got lucky.
  4. I agree, the Heart Break album is a masterpiece.

    So is Johnny Gill's solo debut... one of the best out of the JJ/TL factory.
  5. I'd completely forgotten all about 'If it isn't love' it's such a choon. Beyonce's 'Love on top' video is very similar to that video as well.
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