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New forum tweaks and fixes

Discussion in 'Forum business' started by Popjustice, Jan 27, 2017.

  1. I wish more than 5 people can be tagged in a post.
  2. Thank you so much, Peter. I really, really appreciate it.

    Sugarate now coming at ya in justified single-post HD realness, y'all!
    This would be great, too. The specific problem is not the inability to tag but only the first five tagged users getting notifications for it.
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  3. Yeah the horizontal scroll on mobile that @kal pointed out is grating

    Otherwise well done @Popjustice x
  4. Does anyone know why avatars look blurry in threads but look perfectly clear in the Avatar Editor? I just changed mine and noticed this.
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  5. Anyone else having a problem on mobile with the forum automatically redirecting you to the bottom of the page once it loads? Just a little inconvenience.
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  6. The forum software converts icons into .jpg regardless of the format when uploaded as part of when it resizes them for small previews (like on the side of a post as opposed to the large version displayed on a profile and when clicked on to enlarge). This is why .gif icons don't work, since they're converted automatically to .jpg. I think XenForo has a plug-in probably to do the resize while still allowing gifs / without converting the image to .jpg. But that's why. It's converting it, so some image data is being lost, and then it's resized down for preview sizes, losing even more image data.

    Original .png vs .jpg from the forum:

    Large -
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    (It's odd the uploader suggests nothing smaller than 200x200 yet the 'large' preview is 192x192)

    Medium -
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Small -
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  7. Having that issue myself. If you scroll back to see a post it kicks you back down unless you stop the browser from loading the page it keeps doing it. I eventually discovered that a really long ad is loading down there and has something to do with it.
  8. While I miss the GIF avatars, I can begrudgingly accept why they aren't allowed anymore. However, since the last upgrade these 96x96 ones that exist next to posts are so... limiting. @Popjustice Is is possible to change the dimensions of these back to the previous dimensions of 150x150 pixels?
  9. Amazon links automatically embed, but on Google Chrome, nothing.. shows up? Whatever they're supposed to embed as just doesn't show up.
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  10. Can a "Tags You've Received" be introduced too, @Popjustice? It would be very helpful (to me, at least) because I often forget about these tags and having a space where I can see all these tags would help solve this issue, I think.
  11. Hi @Popjustice, I have recently bought a new computer (Windows) and access the forum through Google Chrome. In the forum, I am unable to attach pictures, media files in any of my posts as well as make use of tagging (name usually pops down) and using the Like button. I've resorted to use Popjustice on my iPhone but I was wondering:

    Do I need to download anything to allow me to make full use of the forum? I downloaded Flash/Java but maybe it could be something else?

    @kal, you might be able to help me!
  12. Why are italics suddenly being bolded... it's weird.
  13. Can I request again that the "likes" function please be removed, at least for a little while.

    Yesterday I got into quite a heated debate (again) with a couple of people and that's great, because it's healthy on a forum. But, then when you go back and see that 46+ people have "liked" the comment basically ripping you to shreds... it's really debilitating and cruel.

    Maybe also if the "likes" function wasn't there, more people would express themselves in posts instead of attempting a drag to get said likes.
  14. RJF


    Now, see, this is when we once again get into the rather dangerous territory of suggesting I'm a bully or that my post responding to your ill-thought-out comment was in any way personal or directly attacked you. It didn't. You said something I vehemently disagreed with, tried to fob it off as bravely attempting to have a discussion, and I very calmly and methodically laid out Taylor Swift: A History of Foolishness to show that you were incorrect in your statements and assumptions.

    Also, I've said this a few times and I'll say it again: I don't give a single solitary fuck about likes. I've been on this forum for over eight years. I've enjoyed using it before likes, during likes, and would continue to enjoy it after likes too. I am 100% sure and confident of everything I post and require validation from absolutely no one, and that has included being on the unpopular side of things when I felt that way too. I don't need to seek approval from others on this forum because everything I post about I at least try to be well informed and educated on so I can stand by my opinions and decisions completely and utterly and take part in the discussion in the first place. If I couldn't do that, I wouldn't post. I don't care what anyone on this forum thinks of me, and that has been through every melodrama about cliques and bullying and moderator fuck ups and bans and people projecting their own personal nonsense onto a pop music forum. I would suggest adopting a similar strategy.
  15. I didn't label you a "bully" but you do seem to hold a power over a lot of members and they will follow your every word. That's not your fault, obviously. But the "likes" system in those circumstances is a really horrible thing and destroys a persons confidence as a member.
  16. You know that people might "like" the comment not because they want to belittle you, but because they agree with the overall sentiment of the comment that just happened to be posted in reply to yours?
  17. If I like something I'm now being taken to a separate page and asked to verify if I actually want to like that post? What's that about?

    Plus I'm not always seeing the reply box to post a response..? I could only quote this in order to post a reply. Maybe this is just an iPad issue?
  18. You're allowed to change it once as far as I know.
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  19. Does the forum have a way to transfer the OP of a thread to another user?

    It just seems like it'd be useful for things like rates when a member essentially vanishes midway through to not have to restart the thread and lose all the posts yet still being able to give someone else the original post to take over the thread/rate.

    If not there's a free XenForo plug-in for just that, just so you know.
  20. I woke up yesterday to find the forum had changed. There was no message box, When I tried to like a comment a new page appeared asking me if I was sure I wanted to like it. I tried to PM @2014 but again there was no message box. Is anyone else having these issues? I have provided screenshots of what's happening. I discovered this morning that on Internet Explorer it isn't happening but it's so slow and keeps freezing.

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