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New forum tweaks and fixes

Discussion in 'Forum business' started by Popjustice, Jan 27, 2017.

  1. Popjustice

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    No idea I'm afraid, can you link me some examples?

  2. Ray


    Confirmed, and it seems to happen randomly. In the Pet Shop Boys rate thread I replaced a few images, but one of them wouldn't update – the proxy.php link. The others are direct links. All of them are 600x600 jpg files. There might be more of those proxy.php images, but I only updated a few, so I'm not sure.

    When adding images to some posts, I get the broken link and . But when I click "post reply", the image appears. Example (in case that's helpful?)

    Edit: oh whoa, now it didn't close the IMG tag at all! It appeared as [ IMG ]filename, then when I edited and saved changes the [ IMG ] disappeared.

    Speaking of links, when I select some text, then click the "add link" icon WHILE EDITING it, nothing happens. Well, I get the "wait a second" animation, after which nothing happens. I became quite...fluent at adding links by hand.
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  3. Ray


    Inserting links into edited posts works! That saves me quite a bit of time. Thank you @Dmuper!
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  4. Has the forum font changed? It looks different on mobile.
  5. Is there a reason image links keep breaking and no longer showing up?
  6. I've had a look around and it's happening on other forums too, it looks like imgur might be cracking down on websites that technically breach their nonsense Terms of Service. Which would be... disastrous.
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  7. Is that a forum dedicated to... watches?
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  8. Also, I'm calling BS because Imgur literally gives you the direct image link with the BBCode so if they're cracking down on people using the site as a third party image host, why give them the share options to do so conveniently in the first place?
  9. I don't know how long it'll work for or if the images will just mess up again in a little bit, but opening up the edit screen and just saving it fixes the image embeds for posts, esp. for those with image-heavy rates.

    Edit - Nope. Checking in incognito shows they don't show so it's probably just stored cookies making them show up in my own browser ddd. At least doing that makes it easier to resave them and move them to a different host if you don't have the files saved anymore.
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  10. I literally thought this was the point of imgur too. Well, no photobucket and no imgur, what is left?

    Also I think images might be completely down on mobile. Because I linked images I uploaded to imgur today and they show on my computer, but not on my iPad.
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  11. I'm trying out imgbb and imgsafe. I hope they come through. Seeing all my rates with broken graphics genuinely broke my heart.
  12. kal


    Tinypic should work too.
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  13. This is... both saddening and maddening at the same time. Guess I got my work cut out for me unless this is somehow fixed.
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  14. So apparently the Facebook videos are not embedding now as well...
  15. Today also YouTube videos (on my phone).
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  16. XenForo is out for blood.
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