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Discussion in 'The Internet' started by matthew., Mar 13, 2015.

  1. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Since Off Topic has gone missing, and we generally use technology to browse the internet, I thought this seemed appropriate.

    Anyway, I wanted to know what people thought of the new MacBook!?

    I think it's a bit pointless, but time well tell.
  2. kal


    It's stunning. I love a lot of things about it, but overall, I wouldn't buy it, mostly because it's not powerful enough to do work on - a Pro would be more suitable for me.

    I was quite impressed with the new keyboard and trackpad technologies, though. Apple get a lot of hate on the internet, but they do innovate a lot.
  3. I think it's ugly. I don't like the edge to edge keyboard, I think they look much better with a little bit of a bezel at the side, the proportions of the Pro have always been the best.

    It's also completely useless to me since there's no SD slot. And I'm in mourning for the apple—it's a useless feature but the glowing apple has always been there and it's sad to see it go.

    MagSafe has always been one of their best features, so I'm very sad to see that go.

    I'll reserve judgement on the trackpad until I've tried it, but I'm not convinced about the fact that it doesn't click.
  4. I don't really like the new MacBook very much either, but that could just be a symptom of the Pro having a near perfect design, so going beyond it was always going to be a bit jarring.

    In other Apple news, my iPhone 6 seems to have developed a dead pixel as of yesterday, and I'm contemplating whether to go into the Apple Store and ask about it or not. Some quick research told me that the problem can sometimes spread across the screen, so I'm worrying! Might have to get my Sam de Jour on.
  5. I hate the design of the thin iMac. The bulge on the old one looks fine, because it's balanced out by the thickness of the machine at the edges, and it looks great. The fact that it's now millimetres thick at the edges just makes its massive pregnancy bulge stick out like a sore thumb and it looks stupid.

    And also why do I need a device that I'll never move to be thin? Keep it thicker and stuff some extra hard drive space in there or something.

    And don't even get me started on their obsession with thinness on the iPhone!
  6. Oops—I meant the pre-2013 iMac. Was it 2013? I can't even remember, but I bought mine in 2011 and I love it, the ones you can buy now look almost the same, but they're pretty ugly because of the one design change: thinness. And there's nothing to be gained from having a thinner iMac.
  7. SBK


    My MacBook broke again today. I say again, it's broke twice. First, this time last year, 6 weeks after the warranty expired the hard drive failed. Then this morning it stops working and I get this when I restart...


    I took it to the guy who fixed it last year, and I switched it on and it worked perfectly. Then when I got it home it was broke again. I've taken it to a shop at the end of my road. The guy there said it'll probably need a new hard drive. I seem to be getting through one a year with this laptop.
  8. SBK


    Most laptops need a battering before they actually break. Most of my windows laptops were fine. There only issue was overheating as they got older. MacBooks never get as hot.

    My MacBook is back, it was just the wire that was loose causing it not to find the hard drive. £40.
  9. I'm getting a 15" Macbook Pro as soon as they're updated this year.
  10. I'm in the market for a laptop for school next September, I'm wondering should I make the leap to Mac or stick what I know.
  11. Leap to Mac, Mumty! You'll love it, I promise.
  12. I've always had Macs, but I've decided that next time I need a computer (hopefully not for a few years), I'll get a ThinkPad or something and put Linux on it. Apple seriously has no idea what quality control is anymore - they're just trying to be edgy all the time. They are the Mrs. George of the tech industry.
  13. kal


    Good luck finding stability in Linux. That is something you will regret 100%. You'd be better off installing Windows 10.
  14. I have a Macbook simply because every Windows laptop I've had barely lasted a year.

    Macbooks are great but they have their faults. What is up with the fucking rainbow wheel appearing with everything. My mac is quite bad for freezing at the first sign of multi-tasking. They are great machines but way overpriced.
  15. Sam


    Yeah this one-port business on the new MacBook isn't ideal. I'll stick with my 15" Retina Pro.
  16. I wish we had the plastic MacBook back. It would be nifty if we had the plastic 5C as the entry-level iPhone and the plastic MacBook as the entry level macbook, then the aluminium phone and aluminium MacBook for the pro models.

    I also think they need to actually stick to a strict idea about what part of the market each model caters to, because right now their products are all just various combinations of "mini," "pro" and "air," but no one inside or outside the company seems to know what those words actually mean.

    I also think the company could benefit from not having thirty different models of every product.
  17. The Air needs to be discontinued. I don't get what it's there for. All of their laptops are phenomenally thin now, so there's nothing unique about it.

    Then again, I don't like that they're making the Pros thinner. By all means, aim for thin and light with the other models, but the Pro is exactly that—a pro machine—and I'd rather they work on cramming more power and storage into the same shell than making that shell smaller.

    I know it's just me being far too big a nerd than I should admit to being, but I really would love it if there was more consistency across lines, like I said, there could be a plastic entry-level MacBook again, like the 5C, and maybe a plastic C model iPad. So, it would be like:

    Entry: MacBook (plastic -- dunno about a name)
    Mid-range: MacBook (aluminum)
    Pro: MacBook Pro

    Entry: Mac Mini
    Mid-range: iMac
    Pro: Mac Pro

    Entry: iPhone XC
    Mid-range: iPhone X / XS

    Entry: iPad XC
    Mid-range: iPad X
    Pro: iPad Pro (if the rumours are true)

    ...And this is more thought than Apple have ever given it, sadly. While I'm here, iPhone 4 was a terrible name.

    iPhone 3G
    iPhone 3GS
    iPhone HD
    iPhone HDX


    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go get a life.
  18. I just find it odd to name them numerically like that, it seems like they should either have a proper name or just be "iPhone (6th generation)" although I can get why they'd want differentiation in their flagship product lineup.

    I thought that Apple themselves might be unhappy with the naming system because they abandoned it for iPad after iPad 2 and the next two generations were just called iPad then iPad Air, and they made a big deal about specifically advertising the 3rd gen as "The New iPad," with no unique name.

    Of course now we're back to iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3.

    I'm glad someone's actually interested in my rants though, haha.
  19. Sam


    It annoyed me how the iPad 3 was named "iPad with Retina Display" on the website. Such a mouthful.
  20. Sam


    Yeah the 4th gen came out 6 months later I think.
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