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Discussion in 'The Internet' started by matthew., Mar 13, 2015.

  1. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I'm going to do a factory reset in the next week or two, my phone is currently doing the "18-month crawl" and I quite fancy the idea of not upgrading right away and seeing how much more mileage I can get out of the device.
  2. SBK


    I find its usually switching between apps takes time now its really starting to bug me.
  3. I just got my first iPhone, is there a way to tell whether a message is going to be sent as an iMessage or not? It seems kind of random to me but would be helpful to know before the message is sent
  4. If the 'Send' button is blue then it's an iMessage, otherwise it will be green for regular texts.
  5. Ah! Thanks very much
  6. I don't particularly need to do work on it - I've got my laptop for that. But it is quite literally a big phone. I can just hold my phone closer to my face and get the same experience.
  7. kal


    Typing on a phone is a fucking nightmare, though. My hands are fairly small and I still can't deal with the tiny keys on my iPhone 5s.

    Otherwise, I can kind of agree that it's just a bigger phone, but that doesn't mean it doesn't serve a purpose for many people.
  8. Well. Don't know where this limb is, but I'm here due to the link...
  9. I think it's very bad of corporations to provide better OSes to the ones like me, who have the first ever ipad mini. I cannot fucking select the word Iwant to change. See, l wanted to put thegap between I and want, but I can't.
    Hate it very much!!!! Thing was good, but became way too worse. Maybe it's when you own ipad mini first generation, but please don't ever try to put the OS on the lesser items!
  10. Well now I'm worried about upgrading my iPad Mini to iOS 9.
  11. Okay so we need to switch from Eir in my family home.

    We still don't have fibre and there are no signs of them implementing this anytime soon.

    Sky apparently have broadband here which is meant to be good - has anyone here any experience with Sky broadband?

    Bearing in mind our current speed is always less than 1mb.

    Irish hunties help please @IMHO @PLUTO @BTG @citoig @SacredThistle etc etc etc.
  12. The only one I would ever recommend are Virgin (formerly UPC, NTL, Chorus etc.)

    I believe Sky use Eir infrastructure so I'm not sure that will make any difference to switch to them if speed is the issue.

    Perhaps Vodafone might be an alternative? You could try them and see what speeds you get in your area. Most companies give you a cooling off period if you want to try them. I had to try lots of them in my parent's house as we don't have any cable type infrastructure in Carlow - we had to use a satellite provider: QSat.
  13. I actually just did some further digging and you're right.

    Sky = Eir.

    Virgin are a no go - they don't But Vodafone could be a good shout.

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  14. I'm wanting to update my computer so I've been googling to see what to do about Photoshop et al since I dunno if it'll let me install it on a third computer and OH MY GOD.

    I bought CS5.5 for, like, £150 or something like that and I've been using it for six years. That's like £25 per year. Looking at the Creative Cloud website it seems the cheapest way to get hold of the same apps now is £200 for the first year, £600 per year after that!?

    Hello The Pirate Bay.
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  15. I need a new computer.

    I find my Macbook Air great for portability and surfing the net and posting random shit and listening to music but I find it difficult to actually do any significant work - excel/word etc, or manage my music collection and documents etc so I guess I'll have to go back to a PC.

    I also want to start using Publisher again and get some decent video editing software.

    Anyone have any recommendations?
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