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New General Video Game Discussion 2

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by _hazzie_, May 20, 2013.

  1. [video=youtube;KbWgUO-Rqcw][/video]

    Pretty much.
  2. Resi12

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    Right? It's ridiculous.
  3. So I continue to be a Nintendo and Sony fan? Good.
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    And so does the rest of the world.

  5. Glad I didn't stay up for that mess.
  6. Resi12

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    It gets better. The TV service is only available in the US. Oh and also, to avail of said service, you need to buy an extra peripheral that is not included with the console.

    Certified MESS.
  7. I am so thankful that I converted to Sony in 2010. *Prays to PS3*
  8. 3Xs


    Another local mess from Microsoft. Can't hardly bear to look at the clunky new XBOX design. Say what you want about the 360, but at least it was a sleek and nice to look at.

    Anyway, ball is now firmly in PS4's court to run away with the upcoming generation.
  9. T&C


    Well that was disappointing. I thought the PS4 reveal was useless (we didn't even see the damn thing), this became a mess. Its sad how games took a backseat to all the crap they've included in this machine. I was really looking forward to their next generation as the 360 is amazing.

    But now Im surprised that the Wii U is looking like the most appealing console. I simply want a machine to play games. And I haven't owned a Nintendo home console since the N64. Ill probably wait until later next year to make my decision on which one to get.
  10. 3Xs


    With how poorly the Wii U is selling at the moment I wouldn't be surprised to see Nintendo completely give up on the system in favor of developing a new console altogether, depending on how well / poorly this holiday season goes.
  11. That wouldn't help things at all though!

    People forget how basically every console bar the PS2 and maybe the Wii has had a hard time initially getting its bearings. Nintendo will show off a shit ton of games around E3 and everything will be fine. I mean, they've already let slip that a new Smash Bros, Mario Kart, 3D Mario, and plus there's that super top secret Retro Studios project that's been in the works.

    I don't understand why it's so hard for publishers and fans alike to realize that software drives hardware sales. It's like it's a race between the three next-gen systems to prove who has less major games!
  12. Good god, they are all so ugly.

  13. Wii U sales will pick up. Look at the 3DS, that started off so poorly due to lack of games and then slowly picked up before it became the juggernaut it is now!

    The Wii U had a good start but Nintendo just failed to keep the momentum going with games. Also I think their marketing campaign for it is really poor. The amount of people who have asked me if it is just a new controller for the Wii is ridiculous!

    I'm a Nintendo fanboy but I have to admit that the features of the XBox One really show that Nintendo need to do more to make their consoles relevant. I play Nintendo for Nintendo games, I would never buy a 3rd party game for Nintendo because they are always a poorer version of the game.
  14. I completely agree, I think WiiU just needs the games. Those upcoming titles are huge system sellers. I also think there is potentially more of a danger between Xbox and PS than Nintendo. Both those companies need to work on exciting new exclusives because those consoles bar a couple of titles were pretty interchangeable to me. All of my friends have a Wii and either an Xbox or PS3, not both.

    The next thing I suppose is how much everything is going to be.
  15. Games prices all need to come down. £50 for a game is just far too much!
  16. Over at Sony HQ:


    That new X-Box is one of the fugliest consoles I have ever seen. It looks like a briefcase.

    Things get better for Sony, as it's been calculated that the PS4 will have '50% more raw power' in graphics than the X-Box One.
  17. Xbox One will not support self-publishing, so good bye to indie developers on the XBL Arcade.
  18. Microsoft's PR team is a mess, the unveiling done nothing good for them. They aren't saying anything directly so no one knows what's going on!.

    Nintendo will be fine. I can't wait for their direct!. Smash bros, Mario, Zelda and surprises. It's just a shame they aren't putting on an E3 presentation.
  19. I'm not purchasing a new console until one of my anticipated games has actually been released (still feeling burned by Final Fantasy Versus XIII), but I'll probably be going with the Wii U. I need a new Super Smash Bros. in my life.
  20. Apparently the fee for using used games on the Xbox will be $60, that sounds crazy, and then there is something about selling your games over Xbox Live. It's all such a confusing mess.

    Also there are a lot of rumours that say the reason EA dropped Nintendo is because they didn't want to this stupid pre-owned thing.
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