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New General Video Game Discussion 2

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by _hazzie_, May 20, 2013.

  1. Microsoft are shooting themselves in the foot with the Xbox One. It all seems to anti-consumer and anti-gamer. I mean, they've obviously been turning the Xbox brand into one of "entertainment" rather than games, but history has proven again and again: games are what sells these systems.
  2. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    I've been thinking this as well. If not a new console, definitely an improved version. I can't get over how poorly planned it has been, what's the point of putting the console out so early, when they haven't even games ready to release?

    So stupid.
  3. It's the same thing they did with the 3DS: they have shareholders who wanted something big to happen before a sales quarter ended, thus they rushed out the console before it had enough games or proper infrastructure.

    And I'm pretty sure the Wii U's fortunes will go the same way the 3DS' have been.
  4. There's no way, or reason for Nintendo to put out a new console. That would be wasting even more money. They will re-launch it come July and by Christmas it will have a solid lineup of games.

    I'm really interested in how Sony handles the PS4, solely to see if they go the same route as Microsoft with their 2nd hand games.
  5. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    They should've called it Wii 2. Keep things simple.
  6. I believe Sony have confirmed that they wouldn't have any similar measures on the PS4, at least with their own games.
  7. Wii One.
  8. T&C


    I also feel confident with Nintendo turning things around. Things are dire I agree but Nintendo doesn't fail. If Kart and the other staples can't sell the system then they should panic. Im half interested in getting it for when Monster Hunter 4 comes out. Im currently obsessed with MH3U on the 3DS.
  9. 3Xs


    Well we'll see then. Wii U's sales have been disastrous even in Japan (freaking PS VITA has been regularly outselling it asdfghjk). They'll need to do a lot of work to show the general public Wii U isn't just an add-on of the original Wii system.
  10. The Wii U is actually a solid system when you get to grips with it.

    I love that I can be sitting watch Netflix and the washing machine finishes so rather than pause my show, I can switch it to the controller and continue to watch it in another room while dealing with laundry.

    New Super Mario U is a fun game on the Wii U! I loved the world map (I have a huge love for Super Mario world maps) and Zombi U was really good!

    And now we have a stream of games coming over Summer!
    Super Luigi U - June
    Pikmin 3 - July
    The Wonderful 101 - August
    Rayman Legends - August
  11. I'll get one when Pikmin 3 comes out, I'm actually really excited for that game, it looks so pretty.
  12. I'll only get one when they release the new Super Smash Bros.
  13. If anyone is interested the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD is going to the iTunes App Store on May 30th, next week!

    The first two cases of the first game will be free. Players who enjoy the courtroom drama can then unlock the full first game for $5.99. The next two installments will be available for $6.99 each, and you'll also be able to buy the trilogy for $16.99.

    Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy HD has also been "fully optimized for iOS," with retina display graphics and social features like the "Everyone Object" mode, which "allows players to share dissatisfaction with everyday life, Phoenix-style."

    It's a bit pricey, but it's still cheaper than rebuying all the games for the DS! And the graphics have been updated to suit the Retina Display, as well. Sadly no word on an Android port. Capcom generally strays from them.

  14. Rmx


    My choice between the Wii U and the PS4 (the X-Box Gone isn't even an option) will depend entirely on whether Final Fantasy Versus XIII is going to be available on the PS3 or PS4. (I already have a PS3)
  15. I don't know whether to get Donkey Kong Country Returns 3DS today. I have the Wii version which I never finished.

    I haven't finished Fire Emblem Awakening yet so might hold off until I've completed that.
  16. Thought I'd just post in here in case anybody in the UK was looking forward to The Last Of Us. TESCO are offering the special 'Joel Edition' of the game for £44.00 and using the promo code (TD-PRMR) can get £5 off game pre-orders, so you can essentially get the limited edition for the same price as the regular edition. Otherwise, I've only seen the Joel (ShopTo) or Ellie (Game) editions for almost £60.00.

    TESCO link:
  17. 3Xs


    ^I was just about to post that. MESS.


    Why am I sensing PS2-level slayage?
  18. Oh okay then. A part of me wanted them to do the same as Microsoft. Only to see Sony fanboys, who have been slating the XBoxOne, be outraged.
  19. Chuffed - pre-ordered the special edition of Beyond Two Souls for £40.00 and that includes the 30 mins of extra game play! It's still available for £40.00 too, the same price as the normal version.

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