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New General Video Game Discussion 2

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by _hazzie_, May 20, 2013.

  1. Thanks so much for that, my partner had the Ellie edition ordered from Game so now he has this one.
  2. You are most welcome, glad somebody else could make use of it.

    And mi|kshake, Beyond Two Souls is another game I'm looking forward to, having loved Heavy Rain ("JASON! JAY-SON! etc.") but being a cheapskate I'm a bit reluctant to pay full price for it knowing it is only about 10 hours length.
  3. Upon further 'research' it turns out Sony does have a DRM in place, they're just unsure if to use it or not due to the backlash Microsoft is receiving.
  4. I doubt they will now, and I'm sure by E3 Microsoft will have backtracked on a few things.
  5. So looking forward to Beyond and The Last of Us.

    Heavy Rain needs a replay too as well sometime - I've only actually completed it once (and watch my friends play)

  6. Yeah, they've left the door open for other developers to take advantage of it, but they were uncertain about their own use. I'm interested to see their decision, because it seems like EA and a few other giant publishers are almost ransoming Sony and Microsoft, forcing them to adopt some sort of used game policy or slow support, like they've done with Nintendo.
  7. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    Oh is that why? EA need to back the fuck off, I respect Nintendo so much for not giving them an inch, even if it meant no support for the Wii U.
  8. 3Xs


    EA's been disappointing me so much as of late anyway (capped off by the shittastic launch of SimCity) that I'm not bothered at all that they're not releasing on the Wii U. Nintendo just needs to roll out these first party blockbusters already.
  9. Speaking of, the new Wii U exclusive Sonic game actually looks quite good, Sonic Lost Worlds.


    Hopefully it won't end up being a messy glitch fest, like some previous 3D Sonic games... I had given up on the franchise a long time ago but this has me intrigued.
  10. That actually looks rather fun!

    Sonic Generations was actually pretty good so I'm looking forward to this.
  11. Remember that this game is being made in partnership with Nintendo so it seems Sega are fully aware of their incompetence when it comes to Sonic games and have brought in Nintendo to assist them.
  12. That does look very good, and Nintendo's presence gives me a little more confidence in it. I used to love the Sonic series, but they are more miss than hit these days and so I gave up with it too.
  13. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    Are any other Sonic fans beaming that it looks based off the tragically cancelled Sega Saturn Sonic game that never was? Sonic X-treme.


    Only Sega.

    I wouldn't go THAT far, given Sonic Generations was a return to form and what I've posted above. I think it's nice for them to get some help though, especially Nintendo's. Here's hoping Sonic Adventure 3 is next on the agenda...
  14. I was wondering why it felt familiar! I remember the whole XTREME disaster.

    Anyways, I'm hoping this is Sonic's answer to Mario Galaxy.
  15. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    Yes, I watched a little history lesson on it last night and forgot how bad it actually was. It went:

    - 3 games pitched to Sega. Chose one, known as Sonic Mars for the Sega 32X.
    - One year in, the lead designer quit. Leaving the game without someone in charge.
    - Chris Senn was then put in charge (his first time being in such a role), but development changed to Sega's new console, meaning all the previous work was scrapped.
    - They started developing for what they then thought was going to be the Saturn's processor, a Nvidia chip. This turned out to be false, because Nvidia's demonstration failed to impress Sega, so they had to scrap all their work again.
    - To speed up progress, the team split in two. Team A was taking care of the main engine, while Team B would be working on a different one for boss battles. This however became a mess, with programmers working on levels that weren't approved and general communication breaking down.
    - The game was eventually coming along, but when ported to the Sega Saturn from a PC, the results were tragic. It ran at about 2 frames per second.
    - Disputes arose from the Japanese faction of Sonic Team at how the game was being handled. Sega tried keeping the peace by bringing in outside help, a company called Point Of View.
    - Even though they were only hired to help port the game to the Saturn, all the work done prior was (mostly) scrapped... again. They even brought security to their first meeting. Yikes.
    - Now the game became three teams, with Point Of View's director replacing the original programmer, which pissed off Chris Senn so much, he teamed up with the programmer to make, Team 3/C.
    - Time came to pitch the idea to the President of Sega. Team C had done the impossible, got the game running smoothly on the Saturn and even worked through illness to make it presentable. On their way over to the boardroom, they saw the President storming out of the room. Perplexed, they ran in and found that Point Of View (along with Team B) had presented an old version of the game, the one that ran at 0fps. Even with all their bargaining, the President had left and wanted the game to be modelled after the boss engine, because that worked. So everything Team A, Point Of View and Team C had done was now scrapped.

    *deep breath*

    - The game was now titled, Project Condor.
    - The game also had a expected release date, Christmas of 1996. To compete with Super Mario 64 and Crash Bandicoot.
    - This is where it gets extra messy. With the release date looming, the now lead programmer, Chris Coffin asked Sega if he could have the Nights into Dreams engine shipped over, as to have something to work with. Sega agreed and they worked on it for about a month. It was about this time, Yuji Naka (the creator of Sonic/Nights into Dreams) came to see how progress was going and was shocked. He was never even asked and saw this as stealing his work, thus taking away the engine and even threatening to quit Sega, leaving all that work to be scrapped again...
    - With a deadline fast approaching and all work being scrapped, Chris Coffin began working around the clock, even sleeping at the office regularly. This turned deadly as all the stress and work caught up with him, giving him pneumonia. His doctors told him to stop work at once and as a result, he had to leave the team. Thus leaving Sega with no choice but to give up once and for all.

    Seriously... What a trainwreck. The Saturn was such a fucking mess.
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  16. 3Xs



    As for the new Sonic game I'll believe it when I see it. There's been so many Sonic games over the last decade that have looked promising from trailers / hype but all ended up terrible. Hopefully Nintendo can help lead the way.
  17. Sonic Colors was pretty good!
  18. 3Xs


    I haven't played it, but you're right, it got pretty positive reviews. I was mainly thinking of Sonic Unleashed and the horrendous 2006 Sonic reboot.
  19. I haven't played a proper 3D sonic game since Sonic Heroes (which I quite enjoyed!), any recommendations on the Wii? Been a while since I've been interested in a Sonic game anyway.
  20. 3Xs


    I recently managed to track down the Gamecube port of Sonic Adventure 2 from the old Dreamcast. Played it on the Wii (which is backwards compatible) with the Gamecube controller and it was a lot of fun. I got it used for like 10 bucks I think.
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