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New Kylie: debuts new song ' Better Than Today'on North American Tour!

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LPT, Oct 1, 2009.

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    Re: New Kylie debut on North American Tour!

    how is it called "Do It Better" or "I Can Do It Better" or "You've Got To Feel It"?

    sounds amazing....

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    It says on her wiki page (reliable?) that she and her husband are working on Kylie's new record

    here is a tidbbit I found on another forum

    SONGBIRD NERINA PALLOT feared her dreams of working with KYLIE MINOGUE were over when her husband made a joke about the Aussie star's age.
    The pair - who both performed at the ABBA tribute concert in Hyde Park earlier this month - have been holed up in Nerina's London basement this summer working on tracks for the Aussie star's forthcoming album.

    But singer Nerina was left embarrassed after the fly-away comment.

    Nerina, 34, says: "It was very embarrassing.

    "Kylie said getting the call from BENNY ANDERSON about the Abba gig had made her feel about eight years old again, singing in front of her mirror with her hairbrush.

    "My husband then told Kylie that I had said the same thing about when Kylie called me to ask me to work with her.

    "I was mortifed."

    Luckily Kylie, 41, saw the funny side.

    The duo are now back together after Nerina impressed Kylie with her songwriting skills.

    The former Brit Award nominee is back with a new album this autumn and to celebrate she has recorded a cover of LILY ALLEN'S The Fear especially for Bizarre readers.
  5. Nice diverting track - it's not the monster instant signature smash that I think she needs, but as what could just be another track only ever heard on a tour never to properly emerge in recorded form (I've raised my hopes too many times before!) then it's a good addition to the catalogue.
  6. yep, the track screams Jake Shears out to me, but i see why you mentioned Calvin Harris too. Its very good, very Light Years-esque, with a touch of Body Language. But i would prefer X pt. 2. I loved the electronic sound on the tracks recorded during that session..

    Does the beginning of that song kinda remind anyone of "Still Standing" from Body Language?

    EDIT - yeah not so much Calvin Harris after 3 listens... its definitely Body Language 2010
  7. The introduction is very reminiscent of Still Standing isn't it?
  8. I don't think we have any worries about her new album, this song sounds so good and so Kylie. Very excited for her new album now, just hope this song actually makes it - we all remember what happened with White Diamond.
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    can we not assume it'll be on the album as she does say something about ' this is from new album' ?
  10. Don't like Nerina's acoustic version much, Kylie's is more promising.
  11. It's very, very cute.
  12. she clearly says at the start that this is from her new album. I have to say, not the biggest kylie fan in the world but i really really like this song, can't wait to here it in HQ
  13. Great Song!
    it is a Nerina Pallot song this is her twitter from this morning

    PROUDER THAN PROUD!! The amazing @kylieminogue sings somefink wot me and @Andy_Chatterley wrote on her US tour
  14. Sounds completely album-track-tastic to me.
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    I usually hate new album tracks done live, still have nightmares of the 517 new song ballads she did in Athens, but I found this AMAZING... Can't Get You Out Of My Head live with jeans on the Live In Sydney DVD amazing.
  16. When Kylie debuted Can't Get You Out Of My Head during the Light Years tour, some 6 months before it was first serviced to radio, I thought it was ok but nothing major and I certainly did not imagine it to have the potential to be the massive hit that it subsequently became. So, it may be that the production for the album/single version of Better Than Today sounds completely different. The song is certainly not short on hooks.

    I can only imagine how chuffed Nerina feels. I was at one of her gigs about four years ago when she started playing her version of Confide In Me and she was bigging Kylie up so it must be surreal to now have Kylie doing one of Nerina's songs live.
  17. I loooove it. It has a pulse, unlike anything from X (bar No More Rain)

    Very excited for the next album
  18. Perfect pop.

    This has made me very excited for the forthcoming album.
  19. I heart.

    Not a single but perhaps an outstanding album track like Speakerphone was, or Secret (Take You Home) and Fever.
  20. I think the entire song is reminiscent of Still Standing, which was a rare highlight among a truckload of shit on Body Language.

    I like it. I wonder if she's going to shove any of the new songs she did on the X tour on the next album.
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