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New Moderators - The List Revealed

Discussion in 'Forum business' started by Someboy, May 19, 2020.

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  1. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    EDIT, JUNE 16: Phase 3. I've reached out to all who were nominated individually, and have organized all those who expressed interest in joining the moderating team to one central thread. We're going to work out who wants to work where, hopefully find a date/time where we can all meet via Zoom as previously mentioned, and then, fingers crossed, we're off to the races.

    EDIT, JUNE 1:
    PHASE 2. Nominations are officially closed. Two things are about to happen:
    - A group chat for all current moderators will be started momentarily. This is to get us all on the same page. Anyone with zero participation can be presumed to lose their mod powers as we transition over the next month.

    - A mass of DM's going out to all potential moderators. If you were nominated, I'll be reaching out to you personally to gauge interest. Reading this thread, I see some "Thanks, I hate it!" responses and some curiosity. So I'll engage with people individually, and then we'll convene as a group.

    - Finally, all current and prospective/new mods will engage in a Group Zoom chat, sanctioned/led by Peter. We'll discuss how we move forward as a group, and what changes need to be implemented.

    - Peter and I have set ourselves a JULY 1 deadline to get this done. Making that public so I can justifiably be held accountable if it doesn't happen.

    ON WE GO!

    EDIT, MAY 26:
    Due to the level of response and subsequent consensus building, I think we can close nominations this Sunday, May 31st. We'll move into PHASE 2 immediately starting June 1st. (Please be mindful, I'm on Pacific Standard Time, so it may be mid-day for some of you.)

    I realize some of you may think it's time to just get on with it, but I want to be fair to everyone, even those who browse the forum only occasionally.

    Stay tuned.

    Original Post:
    I'm determined to make this happen. I know it's belated, we've been down this road before, but I have a couple of ideas, so let's work together and bring some fresh voices into the fold.

    1. Submit up to five names, either by listing or tagging the person
    2. No quoting of other people's posts, just list your own suggestions
    3. No negative comments on anyone's suggestions (either here or another thread, those posts will be deleted)
    4. If for some reason, you want to add a sixth or seventh person, PM me.

    I will keep this thread open for three weeks. I'll keep a tally of nominations and we'll work from there.

    Please, take the nominations seriously! I know it may seem like a lark, but I'm serious, and if everyone can get on board, the easier it will be.
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  2. Island

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  4. @Slice of Life is my top pick, even if it’s just for the K-Pop subforum.
  5. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Let's keep this thread exclusive to its purpose.
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  6. R92


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  7. aux


  8. RJF


    Maybe I'm too picky but I don't actually think there are a lot of people on the forum fit for purpose of being moderator, but then we've had the same pool of people to pick from for how long?

    I definitely vote for @superultra and I'm surprised to see I'm the first person to do so as they're really the only person who immediately comes to mind as ticking every box. I also think @OspreyQueen and @Lila would be good. @BEST FICTION and @Laura Vanderbooben would also be good "established" choices.

    Everyone above is clued up on all the important matters (which coincidentally also become the heated topics), are active across the broader forum, can dispatch trolls with ease, and haven't spent years and years making a clown of themselves, scrapping, and generally shooting their credibility to shit like the rest of us... well okay @BEST FICTION has kind of done that but I do think being confrontational is a good quality for at least a portion of the moderators to have.
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  10. I just hope that whoever the new moderators end up being, their focus will be making sure the rules are followed, doing what they think is right and trying to make the forum a better place, not using their mod powers to be messy and harvest likes (which is something some of the current mods are definitely guilty of on occasion).
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  11. RJF


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