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New Moderators - The List Revealed

Discussion in 'Forum business' started by Someboy, May 19, 2020.

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  2. londonrain

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  3. As a primary school teacher that was terrifying.

    As a member of this forum I’m so excited for these new mods! Thanks so much @Someboy for all your work!
  4. Where was the poorly scripted Meet the Moderators eleganza extravaganza? The 5AM PT Academy Award nominations dramery?? I demand answers!

  5. RJF


    And what of the Zoom call entrance lewks and attempts at catchphrase coinage?
  6. Never noticed one of those names popping up in the suggestions but otherwise the list is pretty much perfect!
  7. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    Funny you should mention that because details of our new Patreon scheme will follow #soon!
  8. Sam



    proud of you @Kyle. sis x
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  9. A solid line up, I’m actually happy with this.
  10. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    And now, the novelization of how we got new moderators.

    In 2018, @2014, @Solenciennes, @RainOnFire, and myself were at leather bar when we were approached by a man named after a shape, who many of you know as --

    No, I'm kidding. After the nominations were closed, a total of 35 people had been mentioned as possible moderators. The top ten nominees in order were:
    @Slice of Life
    @Andy French

    I debated if or where a cut off should be in terms of number of nominations. There was also a discussion among the current moderators acknowledging that not everyone with the most nominations automatically would be the best moderators. Then I started to see a lot of wise hesitation in this thread about the job, and some people who were racking up nominations plainly saying they weren't interested. In the end, I estimated if the trend continued, I could do everyone the benefit of messaging them personally, and end up with a solid list of moderators simply through self-elimination.

    I want to say, for the record, it almost worked.

    A lot of people did eliminate themselves, and I had dozens of polite or funny PMs passing on the invitation. Surprisingly, @IMHO did respond and we had a bit of a laugh about it, @RJF simply responded "Sis", as you all know our top nominee and all-around fav @superultra weighed it for a while before ultimately declining, and a number of you have recently been promoted at work and smartly decided to place a paying job above moderating a pop music forum.

    There were a few people who I was sure would pass, but they accepted, and at the end of the messaging round, I had a list totaling 16 people. At this point, things got admittedly got sticky, and in part, that's my fault. From my understanding, this process has been gossip fodder for weeks in the weeds of PMs, which I suppose is unavoidable. @BEST FICTION and @londonrain were both instrumental in helping to shape the finalized list, pointing out that increased representation across racial and gender lines was far more important than adding a massive list of moderators for the sake of it.

    I should say, it was mostly 'sticky' because I felt bad having reached out to people in the first place, but the following people graciously stepped aside: @joe_alouder, @soratami, @digitalkaiser, @Babyface, @Jacques and @munro (thank you Agent of Chaos @Kyle.), and in the end @BEST FICTION too.

    At this point, having heard the thoughts of all those nominated in the thread, and seeing the need and call for increased representation, I inserted myself into the process for the first time and made my lone nomination. I invited @Mr.Arroz into the fold, and also reached out to @Dijah. and @MarlonBrando86, two women of color who were mentioned as possible moderators by the prospective mods, but who both very nicely declined. I've said this privately to each individual member and in the prospective mods thread, but the door is open for @superultra, @Dijah., and @MarlonBrando86 should they change their mind in the future.

    I want to say, even if it's unnecessary, there are people who stepped aside who I think would be amazing mods. Perhaps in the not-so-distant future.

    From the first day I made this thread, @Popjustice has been hugely supportive and appreciative of the whole ordeal. What @Phloo said in Random Thoughts is right, it's way more melodramatic than it should be, but here we are, and Peter's been a huge help to me in thinking through the whole thing.

    Last Sunday, all of the prospective mods, Peter, and myself had our group Zoom chat, which went very well! We've discussed shortening and clarifying the rules, how punishments when necessary should be given, and a few format changes that have been supported by the membership at large. For all of the Britney fans, Peter stated moving the General Britney thread to Comeback Corner was a "political act", which I will be changing to my signature as soon as I can edit my signature again.

    Finally, I want to thank everyone for bearing with me, for taking the nominations seriously (@Rainbow Trousers I counted your second post of nominations, but would have counted the first had you not re-posted!), for responding to all of my messages, for sharing your thoughts on what makes a good moderator and also what doesn't, and operating in good faith. Also, a shout out to my fellow mods @2014, @Solenciennes, and @RainOnFire, who even when they're deleting my problematic posts, I can't help but love.

    As for me, I plan to stay on for the immediate future to help the new moderators and be as much as guide as I can be as they find their footing, and then perhaps, if we as a civilization make it to 2021, take a big step back.

    That's it!
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  11. I snorted. Sinead O’Connor on SNL whomst?
  12. Me after receiving zero nominations:

  13. Good luck to all, I wouldn't ever want to moderate this place.
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  14. 4 of my 5 choices came through, excellent. Good luck!
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  15. londonrain

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  16. [​IMG]
  17. londonrain

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    You know that was one of the first things I asked for dddd.
  18. There had to be some form of All Stars jiggery pokery, yet great work @Someboy I look forward to a more balanced and representing team of moderators.
    Open the floodgates for new members?
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  19. matthew.

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  20. londonrain

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    That will happen once the new moderators are actually in place, which should happen... er, any day now, I think.

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