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New Moderators - The List Revealed

Discussion in 'Forum business' started by Someboy, May 19, 2020.

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  1. @ohnostalgia
    @Island is literally perfect for comeback corner.

    Not that the Eurovision subforum needs a mod cause it is such a lovely environment but someone (despite not creating diversity) like @londonrain and @WowWowWowWow would be great. For the K-pop forum I keep it to the people visiting there.
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  2. I think it’s what most people are doing anyway, but I definitely think it’s worth considering who is naturally diplomatic, level-headed, etc. as part of their personality.

    There are definitely some people who are wonderful contributors to this forum, but imagining them as a mod would require them to reign some things in or perhaps have more of a filter, which would detract from their own and everyone else’s experience on here.
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  3. What are you trying to say with this?
  4. RJF


    The vast majority of people on this forum are these things, so I feel it's redundant to point out as a quality when looking for a moderator. Especially when, in my experience as a bystander to this process a few times over the years, it's people who are primarily mild-mannered diplomats who don't end up sticking it out. They either quit or, worse, gutter out into wallflower obscurity doing nothing while taking up the space that someone else could use.

    Which is why I said in my first post that I think the pool of users up to the task is understandably small. It's almost an impossible cocktail of requirements. They need to be diplomatic but they also need to know when to swing the hammer. They have to generally liked across the forum but not too well liked because they might be bias, which has always been a weird bit of the criteria. Y'all always throw the word "impartial" around as if it's a great quality too when a massive chunk of mod drama in recent years has been from them appearing out of nowhere and throwing down lightning bolts with no regard of the context of situations, and more often than not, reading the situation incorrectly. And what's worse is that that behaviour is inconsistent and actually not that impartial, because it's clear certain moderators have chosen to respond to certain reports or situations.

    The biggest requirements should honestly be people who are active in P&J and have a history of being able to hold their own. Those qualities are rarer than people who are mild-mannered. I could throw a stone into this forum and hit sixteen different level-headed people who don't ruffle feathers, but unfortunately ruffling feathers from time to time is part of the job.
  5. RJF


    Oh, and I didn't nominate them earlier because I just assumed they wouldn't want to do it, but I also endorse @beyoncésweave for the job.
  6. I really appreciate the votes and once upon a 2016 would've totally been up for moderating, but that time has passed. Between my job, running iconic rates, and bailing @strangekin out of jail, I don't have the time to deal with trolls gunning for me. Like, I hear @Solenciennes is on her tenth safe house. Enough of you are stalking my social media as it stands.

    That being saidT, if there were some sort of member advisory board for the mods/staff, I'd be happy to participate in that. I think good moderators require a very tricky combination of self-awareness, a good sense of humor, and a willingness to be the bad guy. That's a tough combo. Moderating is way more than just sledgehammering anyone who doesn't fit into your definition of a good poster.

    That being said, my recs are:
    @beyoncésweave, who would distribute bans with panache and style
    @superultra, who has shown a willingness to scrap that I find positively admirable (DC girls will pummel you!)
    @RUNAWAY, who has allowed me to fish multiple times on ha Animal Crossing island and is thus a person of unimpeachable character
    @BEST FICTION, a presence so fearsome no one would dare question it
    @OspreyQueen, a savage, okay, classy, bougie, osprey, okay.

  7. RJF


    Couldn't get the donors! Sad!
  8. Okay I nominate @RJF
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  9. [​IMG]
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  10. I also support @BEST FICTION because she can be coerced by blackmail.
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  11. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I generally agree with the suggestions in here. My only comment is to anyone considering it is just how much it might run you ragged or change your overall relationship with the forum, as a factor. Some of you have mentioned it already but that was my first thought is that it's not only just a task, but a considerable responsibility.
  12. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Just copy and paste when you speak at my eulogy in 50 years.

    In all seriousness, thank you everyone who's taken this seriously! I've kept a running tally, and the great thing is there seems to be a general consensus, and a perfect mix of people I've long-thought would be great at the job and then you all opening my eyes to equally perfect suggestions.
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  13. Oh, which part do you want me to talk you through?
    I'm referring to people being mindful of focusing their energies on issues of true significance and avoiding performing emotions for the sake of likes, retweets and upvotes, like we see elsewhere.

    Discussing anything on social media has become a minefield. There is a bit more nuance here in comparison, maybe because we see different sides of people in other threads and don't just go by what they've said in the moment.
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  14. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    @superultra for Pop & Justice
    @ohnostalgia for Charts
    And I’d nominate @Slice of Life for the Kpop sub-forum but I don’t know how much responsibility this would add to them already running so much around there but yeah.

  15. As far as potentially moderating goes, I didn't even know new spots were up for grabs until the many @s I received in this thread. I'm aware of it being a big responsibility, and, if I do end up selected as a "finalist" of sorts, I would definitely need to weigh the tasks and expectations against my real-life obligations for sure.
  16. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Then girl, grab your scale, because you're coming with me.
  17. Having served as a moderator for a brief spell back in the day, I can only echo the wise words of @Mr.Arroz:
    Apologies if this has already been considered, and I know it requires having enough people willing to step up - but I wonder if it would be of any benefit to have a moderator rota and/or cycling people in and out more frequently? That way, you have the consistency of a core group, but not everyone is 'on duty' all the time and can go on pause if they are too busy at a given time or feeling overwhelmed. Just two unsolicited and potentially uninformed cents.
  18. Cmon democracy. I agree with most of the names floating around like @superultra and @londonrain (and Andy and Laura but they've already tapped out). MY elected official thinks Formation is a 10/10 so definitely never @beyoncésweave (jk I think they'd be a great mod too). Let me also throw @Jonathan27 and @1991 into the discussion.
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  19. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    I'm keeping a tally with each new post. I'll cross this with your last post.

    But, please, let's not change any votes in the future. If you have additional thoughts, or want to add people, send me a PM. I want to keep this thread focused on its simple intent. Thanks!
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