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New Moderators - The List Revealed

Discussion in 'Forum business' started by Someboy, May 19, 2020.

  1. This is why I shouldn’t ever be a mod the temptation to permaban is too real for me. But in all seriousness I barely have any real presence on here compared to the other females who would make fantastic mods over myself. I would also find it very stress inducing too which is not what I want from my forum experience not that I was ever in contention in the first place but I’m saying this now for future reference.
  2. I don’t want to go too cringe, but I think this is really important to highlight. I would honestly go as far as saying that this is possibly the most enlightened little corner of the internet.

    I know we lovingly call this place a hell-hole, but the conversations linked to social justice, equality, politics, with such consistently forward-thinking attitudes... you just don’t see it anywhere else. I mean, perhaps if you have a heavily-curated Facebook/Twitter...

    I myself have learned so much here and I really appreciate what this place has turned into. Besides anything else, it gives me hope that not everyone in the world is a raging cunt (I also love that we’re allowed to use this word).
  3. This is very good insight for anyone considering doing it. If you're not at ease dealing with confrontation and having to make calls on who is or isn't in the right over some, at times, pretty bizarre issues, it's not always a fun ride. I'm glad I tried it, but learned rapidly I was happier as a PJ citizen.
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  5. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Regarding this, I just want to quote what @Someboy wrote a few days ago. I feel like the current moderating team is on board and accepting of gif usage (I myself have used gifs multiple times) - usually if it's in a spoiler tag, there's no malicious intent behind it.

  6. Sam



    The mod list is saturated with men so none get my vote

    Although,,,,,, can I vote for myself? I’m the most fair, most unbiased, most’T reasonable and we all know it x
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  7. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    This job? I wouldn’t recommend it...

    For the record, and to address the unsubtle digs in the thread, I haven’t done any active moderation on the forum since the last great “hang the monkey” session of December last year. Mainly for the sake of my mental health, which was at a low ebb at the time anyway. So after two nights of not sleeping due to the vitriol of people I don’t even know, enough was enough and I decided it just wasn’t worth the stress, and I took a step back and have only done Admin work (username changes, requested account deletions) since that point, aside from when it’s something obvious like a report of someone requesting leaked songs. I’ve left the actual decision making to the other Mods, and I’m glad I did because they’re brilliant.

    My apologies to anyone who was angered by any decisions I made, I am just a human being like you lot.

    My nominations:

    @Tribal Spaceman
  8. Sam


  9. The first thing I’d do is ban you x
  10. Well, most of the people I would nominate are already mentioned but for what it's worth

    I must obviously be avoiding the worst trash fires in Pop & Justice (to be fair,I spend most time in Charts, Rates, etc and in TV/Film these days), but this forum is so much better than most of the net. It's why I keep coming back year after year.
  11. PopJustice's flaws can only be reigned in by someone with a worldview that is compassionate and firm.

    PopJustice needs a.... tankie. And that tankie..... is me.

    So I nominate myself *Big Brother theme music plays*


    That is all just a comedic way to introduce the point that I really do think you should emphasize the need for sub-forum specific mods. Not to criticize the effort now being made - it's great and yas at it finally happening - but just to reiterate that's it something to remember when going forward with choosing new mods.

    The lack of mods isn't the only issue - part of the issue is a lack of a sort of guiding instruction on what moderators should do and where they should moderate.

    @Slice of Life is the only nomination I have and that's for the K-Pop subforum.
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  12. ddddddd Well I was one of those who talked to Peter about being modded ages ago and never heard back (around the same time as @matthew. ) I'd still be down for the job. I'm mostly here during the evening in the American shift, which I feel lacks active mods sometimes.

    If that's not in the cards, I would also nominate


    and @Slice of Life for a mod in the kpop forum.
  13. You are lovely, a true delight always.
  14. Okay I'll be serious and nominate @Island.
  15. Less white cis gay men, More of every other kind of background.
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  16. @ohnostalgia

    I feel like not keeping up with the P&J subforum can be a little tricky, especially since there are usually the most active and fastest-moving threads where, I imagine, is the most of mess to clean and the work to do in general but stuff like this is probably more about the distribution of work between moderators themselves.
    I think the names I posted above would make brilliant mods though, each for entirely different reasons.
  17. As has been said already, we definitely need some female representation. There has been times I've seen misogynistic posts go unchecked and it's just not it. Therefore all my nominations are women:


    (Also I'm sure there are other great women out there capable of the job, but just speaking from experience of either interacting with or viewing the aforementioned posts regularly!)
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